This article should function as a Combat 101 for people new to doing Combat in Mobile Strike. It gives a very basic explanation about several things you should be aware about before you start attacking. It does not aim to be complete.

Troop Types

There are three troop types you should consider for attack, Infantry, Tactical and Armored Vehicle. Artillery is only useful against bases which have more traps than troops as defenses. Infantry is strong against Armored Vehicle and weak against Tactical, Tactical is strong against Infantry and weak against Armored Vehicle, Armored Vehicle is strong against Tactical and weak against Infantry. When attacking you have the basic choice between going for an army of mixed types or selecting one type. Since it is easier to get your boosts for one specific type, most players choose for one type.

Troop Tiers

It is best to attack with the highest tier troops you have. Some players like to defend their best troops by having some meat troops in there deployment, for example 10%. This way the total amount of troops you lose will be higher, but you will lose less or none of your best troops.

Most beginning players think there is a huge difference in strength between the troop tiers but this is not the case. You will not be able to achieve much by just attacking someone with a bunch of tier 3 troops, you need to work on your boosts via research and gear as well.


There are a number of different ways to get boosts: commander skill points, research, gear equipped with mods, buildings and items.

Commander Skill Points can provide a huge bonus and it is crucial that you assign your skill points for the job at hand. This means before going to attack assign points to the combat categories. Troop Defense II, Troop Health II and the highest category of the attack of your favorite troop type are good categories to assign points to.

Besides unlocking the highest tiers possible also focus on getting the Attack and Defense of the troop you intend to attack with as high as possible, and also max Troop Health and Troop Defense.

Use complimentary gear that all focusses on increasing the boosts for your favorite troop type, for example gear that boosts Tactical Attack, Tactical Defense and Troop Health.

Make sure to equip the gear with complimentary mods, e.g. if you have gear with Tactical Attack, Tactical Defense and Troop Health equip with mods to increase Tactical Attack, Troop Defense and Troop Health.

It is good to be aware of Combat boosts of your buildings. For now we will not go into details, but only look at the Training Grounds. Training Grounds provide a level dependent boost to Troop Defense, it is only a small amount, but it might be worthwhile to make sure you level up until the next stage before attacking.

Before attacking you can use an item to give you extra combat boost. You can only have an Attack or a Defense Boost. Often players opt to have a Defense boost when attacking to limit their losses, as opposed to having an Attack boost to increase kills.

Deployment Size

The amount of troops you can attack with is very important, this is a reason to upgrade your Headquarters as soon as possible if you plan to attack a lot early on in the game. There are also items to increase the deployment size with 25% and 50% that you should consider using before attacking, assuming you have enough troops.

That is it for the basic combat tips, let me know if you have questions or want to share information.

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