The Instant Training feature in the Training Grounds has been extended. It is now possible to instant train troops even when you are low on one or more resources. You pay extra gold for the resources you are lacking. The amount you pay is much less than you would pay if purchasing items in the store.

How it Works

When opening one of your Training Grounds you will now see that all troops you have unlocked can be (instant) trained even when you are missing one resource, even if you are currently training. For many readers it is probably a familiar experience to see all troops locked because you have zero food, this is no longer the case.

You can select the amount of troops you want to train and the Instant Train button will contain the amount of gold cost and you can click it to instantly train your troops.

Example to Illustrate Benefit and Drawback

To illustrate both the benefit and drawback of using this instant training see the two training batches below:

Batch 1 Batch 2
Nr. of troops 5943 T3 11886 T3
Time 23:58:59 1d 23:57:58
Food shortage 891,400 1,782,800
Gold Cost 1541 (1500+41) 4483 (4400+83)

The Gold Cost is made up of two components, time and resources. I have split out the cost, based on various experiments , the first part is the speed up cost, the second the resource cost.

Benefit of the Instant Training with missing resources is that the gold cost for resources is very low. A 2 million food item, that you would normally buy to do the second batch, costs 1200 gold to buy. I have so far only looked at food cost, since my account has plenty of all other resources. I expect the other resources to be more expensive than food, but also to have a similar ratio to their normal price. Good to check this out though, because the game does not always work as expected.

The way time gold cost works for Instant Training is not something new, but something you should be aware about. The gold cost for training time seems to be the cost for the smallest speed up that is larger than the required time. If you play around with it yourself you will notice that the Instant Train cost will jump from 1500 to 4400 when your training time goes from just below to just over one day. It stays like that until you go from just below three days to just over three days. This is something to be aware about and make sure that when you do Instant Training you always stay just below a speed up item (typically just below 1 day or just below 3 days depending on your training queue size)


Keeping the somewhat weird way Instant Training calculated the gold cost for training time in mind, the Instant Training without all resource requirements can be a useful feature. Especially when you are low on food, as cost for resources via Instant Training are relatively very low.

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