All information relating to the material Iron in Mobile Strike including how it can be acquired, where it can be found (rebels, gifts, crates, resource tiles), and how it can be used.
Where to find Iron
Tiles Abandoned Fort, Farm, Mine, Oil Well, Quarry
Crates Economy Material Crate
Mission Types Daily

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All Gear Requiring Iron

Accessories Commander
Gear Cost [coin] Materials Quality Level 6 Boosts
Intelligence USB 1 10.0K 3 Iron, 1 Harddrive 02:00:00 Research Time Reduction
Welder's Tanks 1 10.0K 3 Iron, 1 Fuel Cell 00:50:00 Manufacturing Time Reduction for Normal Equipment
Extractor's Pickaxe 1 10.0K 2 Army Camo Cloth, 1 Iron, 1 Resource Bundle 50.0% Food Production, 25.0% Oil Production, 25.0% Stone Production, 25.0% Iron Production
Workman's Toolkit 1 10.0K 2 Army Camo Cloth, 1 Iron, 1 Screwdriver 01:00:00 Construction Time Reduction

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