All information relating to the material Stainless Steel in Mobile Strike including how it can be acquired, where it can be found (rebels, gifts, crates, resource tiles), and how it can be used.
Name Stainless Steel
Type Special Event (SCR00G3)
Similar Materials Arctic Trigger Guard, Green Tiger Camo Patch, Remote Detonator, Thermal Blanket, White Felt
Where to find Stainless Steel
Tiles Colossus Cannon Ruins, SCR00G3 Weapons Terminal
Crates SCR00G3 Crate
Gifts Colossus Cannon, SCR00G3, Thank You, Weekend
Mission Types Daily

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All Gear Requiring Stainless Steel

Accessories Commander
Gear Cost [coin] Materials Quality Level 6 Boosts
Expedition Watch 50 20.42M 2 Remote Detonator, 2 Stainless Steel 80.0% Coin Production, 15.0% Research Speed, 12.0% Advanced Tactical Attack, 12.0% Tactical Attack, 5.0% Troop Attack Bonus, 5.0% Advanced Troop Attack Bonus
Body Armor Commander
Gear Cost [coin] Materials Quality Level 6 Boosts
Winter Reinforced Armor 38 7.94M 1 Green Tiger Camo Patch, 1 Thermal Blanket, 1 Stainless Steel, 1 White Felt 17.0% Advanced Infantry Attack, 17.0% Infantry Attack, 11.0% Advanced Troop Defense Bonus, 11.0% Troop Defense Bonus, 10.0% Advanced Infantry Defense, 10.0% Infantry Defense
Footwear Commander
Gear Cost [coin] Materials Quality Level 6 Boosts
Glacial Walkers 50 21.24M 2 Stainless Steel, 1 Thermal Blanket, 1 Green Tiger Camo Patch 17.0% Advanced Tactical Attack, 17.0% Tactical Attack, 10.0% Advanced Tactical Defense, 10.0% Tactical Defense, 8.0% Advanced Troop Attack Bonus, 8.0% Troop Attack Bonus
Weapons Commander
Gear Cost [coin] Materials Quality Level 6 Boosts
The Redeemer 50 30.26M 2 Stainless Steel, 1 Arctic Trigger Guard, 1 Green Tiger Camo Patch 120.0% Coin Production, 30.0% Advanced Armored Vehicle Attack, 30.0% Armored Vehicle Attack, 16.0% Advanced Tactical Attack, 16.0% Tactical Attack, 10.0% Advanced Troop Health Bonus, 10.0% Troop Health Bonus

All Boosts with Gear from Stainless Steel

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