Material Drops from Missions Extended

By: on May 25, 2016

The material drops from Missions have extended. We have extended our website with the confirmed drops so far, which you can see in the Mission and Material pages. So far there are already around 60 confirmed material drops from Daily and Alliance missions, and there are very likely many more possibilities. It might even be possible that all materials can currently be dropped from the Missions, as the ones confirmed so far are from almost all different Events. We will extend the data as we have more confirmed drops. We have updated the Materials Guide to reflect these changes and updated it with other new findings as well.

See: Materials Guide for Mobile Strike

Mayday Gear Added

By: on May 21, 2016

The new Mayday Gear has been added to the website.

See: Mayday Gear for Mobile Strike

Advanced Traps and Troops Boosts

By: on May 17, 2016

Guide explaining when Trap and Troop boosts not only apply to regular traps and troops but also advanced traps and troops.

See: Advanced Traps and Troops Boosts Guide added for Mobile Strike

Advanced Troops are Coming

By: on May 12, 2016

Not a big surprise after the introduction of Advanced Traps, but it is for sure that Advanced Troops will come as well. Actually, I have heard in new states they are already available. If you are training troops to participate in rallies, you might consult with your alliance members whether it might be better to wait for Advanced Troops, as these might be the preferred troop type for future rallies.

VIP Prestige 3 Added

By: on May 12, 2016

Just 3 weeks after VIP Prestige 2 VIP Prestige 3 has been added. So far we just have info on level 6 and 10 and a rough estimate of the required points. See in the Data menu our VIP overview and use the VIP comparison tool to compare the new VIP levels with what was already available. We will update more information and our VIP guide later. The main new feature of VIP Prestige 3, unlocked by level 10, is the ability to combine items (materials, modes, cores, attachments) to a target level, making the combining work less time consuming. In addition there are new boosts for normal equipment and core manufacturing cost reduction (both 4% at level 10, seems to slowly increase with levels, both 2% at level 6). Level 10 gives 2 extra of each missions and all existing boosts have a small increase, including a 3% increase for the combat boosts: 23%.

See: VIP Prestige Difference Calculator

Black Market Item List Added

By: on May 12, 2016

We have added a page with the latest items available in the black market and their prices. We have updated the Black Market Guide as well.

See: Black Market Price List for Mobile Strike

Farm, Mines, Wells and Quarries Guide Added

By: on May 7, 2016

Guide with information about how many Farms, Mines, Wells and Quarries to build outside the walls.

See: Farms, Mines, Wells and Quarries Guide added for Mobile Strike

Buying Packs Guide Added

By: on May 4, 2016

Guide with information about buying packs.

See: Buying Packs Guide added for Mobile Strike

Wall Traps Guide Added

By: on May 3, 2016

Guide with explanation of Wall Traps, with a focus on the question whether it is worthwhile to put effort on it.

See: Wall Traps Guide added for Mobile Strike

Permanent Gear Manufacturing Guide Added

By: on May 2, 2016

Guide with explanation of how manufacture permanent gear, and what considerations to keep in mind.

See: Permanent Gear Manufacturing Guide added for Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike Advanced Wall Traps Research Tree Icon
New Advanced Traps Tree Added

By: on May 2, 2016

The new Advanced Traps Research Tree has been added. We have added the basic info for all research projects and will extend the information as it becomes known to us. The tree looks very similar to the Strategic Wall Traps tree in Game of War, but resource requirements and times, are higher. In addition, as with the Manufacturing Tree, the general Research Files and tree specific Research Files are required, making it more difficult for non/low spenders to complete.

See: Advanced Traps Research Tree

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