Permanent Gear Events

Permanent Gear Events
Anniversary Gear Atom Splitter Avalanche Barracks Buster
Barricade Battle Tested Black Adder Black Market
Blackout Gear Extension Blackwing Blizzard-01 Bounty Hunter 2017
Bulletstorm Captains Champion 2017 Combat Investigator
Conqueror and Champion 2017 Constructor Cupid's Arrow Desert Commando
Desert Wanderer Dignitary Disruptor Double Trouble
Dreaded Fear Monger Fear Monger Fiendish Barracks Buster Frost Gear Extension
Garrison Gear Ghostly Ground Breaker GR-Falcon Grand Bounty Hunter 2017
Grand Champion 2017 Grand Conqueror and Champion 2017 Grand Guardian 2017 Grand Protector
Ground Breaker Guardian 2017 Gun Runner Hammerhead
Hardened Double Trouble Haunted Lone Wolf Headhunter Heavy Hauler
Hunter Innovator's Jack-o'-Ripper Judgment
Kill Squad Lone Wolf Master Beret Mayday
Not Used Phantom Hammerhead Predator Pyramidion
Reaper Rebel Tracker Refiner's Gear Reinforced Barricade
Rocketeer SCR00G3 Shadow Storm Shadowy Fear Monger
Shamrock Siegebreaker Silent Exalted Architect Silent Exalted Vanquisher
Skull Grenade Snake Biter Snow Leopard Snow Stalker
Sole Assassin Sparrow Spectral Barricade Stealth Bomber
Striker Supreme Protector Supreme Vanquisher Swift Invasion
T-Fox T-Vulture T1ger Cl4w Tank Commander
Tax Collector Traveler's Check Ultimate Grand Bounty Hunter 2017 Ultimate Grand Champion 2017
Ultimate Grand Conqueror and Champion 2017 Ultimate Grand Guardian 2017 Ultimate Grand Protector Ultimate Grand Vanquisher
Undead Double Trouble Winter Guardian Winter Stalker

Prototype Gear Events

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