All information about the trap Satellite System in Mobile Strike including how it can be unlocked, what category, type and tier it is, how much resources are required and how long it takes to train.
Name Satellite System
Tier Tier 4
Category Advanced Troops
Type Anti Tactical
Power 5
Training Time 240s
Attack [1-4] 4
Defense [1-4] 4
Health [1-4] 4
Unlocked by Satellite System 1
Resource Requirement for Training 1 Trap
Oil: 2,000
Stone: 2,000
Food: 2,000
Against Troop Type Weak/Strong
Infantry Weak
Tactical Very Strong
Armored Vehicle Weak
Artillery Weak

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Original Requirements

An overview of all buildings and research necessary to unlock Satellite System. These are the original requirements, not taking into consideration any research and building already done.

If you login and update your game profile you will in addition see the remaining requirements to unlock Satellite System at the bottom of this page.

Unit Stone Oil Iron Food Coin Special Items Original Time
Armory 1-21 15.98M 20.55M 40.86M 19.36M 1 Master Hammer 71d 12:65:60
Bank 1-21 10.71M 10.28M 2.57M 32.22M 1 Master Hammer 47d 15:40:51
Death Row 1-21 33.47M 12.91M 6.43M 24.33M 20,000 Golden Bullet
1 Master Hammer
114d 11:19:29
Embassy 1-21 31.96M 30.80M 15.32M 25.83M 1 Master Hammer 71d 12:65:60
Farm 1-21 5.34M 5.14M 5.12M 1 Master Hammer 47d 15:44:33
Hall of Heroes 1-21 13.40M 6.47M 6.43M 24.33M 1 Master Hammer 94d 27:66:56
Headquarters 1-21 66.94M 64.52M 25.68M 40.55M 1 Master Hammer 286d 18:19:42
Hospital 1-21 53.42M 41.21M 30.72M 32.44M 1 Master Hammer 26d 29:66:52
Iron Mine 1-21 5.34M 5.14M 6.47M 1 Master Hammer 75d 10:23:08
Oil Well 1-21 55.34M 55.12M 56.47M 1 Master Hammer 56d 24:63:33
Prison 1-21 42.61M 25.67M 20.44M 32.27M 20,000 Golden Cuffs
1 Master Hammer
142d 26:08:60
Quarry 1-21 5.14M 5.12M 6.47M 1 Master Hammer 66d 18:36:47
Radar Station 1-21 26.63M 20.55M 5.12M 12.92M 1 Master Hammer 66d 18:36:57
Research Facility 1-21 33.47M 32.26M 12.84M 24.33M 1 Master Hammer 94d 33:25:49
Trading Post 1-21 23.44M 32.26M 12.84M 20.28M 1 Master Hammer 66d 18:36:57
Training Grounds 1-21 26.63M 20.55M 15.32M 16.15M 1 Master Hammer 85d 18:36:44
Wall 1-21 67.90M 50.85M 19.26M 40.55M 1 Master Hammer 99d 32:26:13
War Room 1-21 8.31M 8.01M 7.97M 10.07M 20,000 Tactical Manual
1 Master Hammer
109d 16:53:26
Warehouse 1-21 21.32M 20.55M 15.32M 12.92M 1 Master Hammer 56d 29:40:52
Construction 1-10 20.46M 20.46M 20.46M 20.46M 20.46M 223d 21:00:00
Stone Production 1-10 26K 409K 512K 307K 17.05M 59d 18:10:00
Food Production 1-10 307K 512K 409K 26K 14.97M 35d 20:30:00
Iron Production 1-10 307K 512K 26K 409K 20.31M 71d 16:60:00
Oil Production 1-10 307K 26K 409K 512K 14.97M 47d 19:20:00
Trap Building I 1 5.0K 5.0K 5.0K 5.0K 5.0K 00:10:00
Tank Trap 1 20K 15K 20K 01:00:00
Trip Wire 1 20K 20K 20K 01:00:00
Barbed Wire 1 20K 15K 20K 01:00:00
Trap Defense 1-10 20.46M 20.46M 15.35M 20.46M 50.85M 413d 24:54:60
Trap Attack 1-10 10.23M 10.23M 7.67M 10.23M 20.46M 275d 13:33:20
Electric Fence 1 60K 60K 60K 10:00:00
EMP Mine 1 180K 180K 180K 3d 03:00:00
Sniper Tower 1 540K 540K 540K 15d 15:00:00
Barriers 1 6.5K 6.5K 6.5K 6.5K 6.5K 00:13:00
Laser Fence 1 26K 26K 26K 01:18:00
IED Explosive 1 26K 26K 26K 01:18:00
EMP Barrier 1 26K 26K 26K 01:18:00
Advanced Trap Defense 1-10 47.06M 47.06M 47.06M 47.06M 119.41M 961d 13:49:30
Advanced Trap Attack 1-10 23.51M 23.51M 23.51M 23.51M 47.02M 639d 17:14:50
Spider Mine 1 135K 135K 135K 22:30:00
Laser Cannon 1 720K 720K 720K 10 Research File
1 Advanced Wall Traps Restricted File
12d 12:00:00
Satellite System 1 2.70M 2.70M 2.70M 80 Research File
10 Advanced Wall Traps Restricted File
117d 04:30:00
Totals 669.31M 540.48M 417.98M 560.95M 329.98M 20,000 Golden Bullet
20,000 Golden Cuffs
20,000 Tactical Manual
19 Master Hammer
90 Research File
11 Advanced Wall Traps Restricted File
Building: 1686d 09:59:49
Research: 2879d 23:49:40

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