All information about the trap Plasma Barrier in Mobile Strike including how it can be unlocked, what category, type and tier it is, how much resources are required and how long it takes to train.
Name Plasma Barrier
Tier Tier 5
Category Advanced Troops
Type Anti Tactical
Power 10
Training Time 0s
Attack [1-4] 5
Defense [1-4] 5
Health [1-4] 5
Unlocked by Plasma Barrier 1
Resource Requirement for Training 1 Trap
Stone: 6,000
Iron: 4,500
Food: 6,000
Coin: 2,250
Against Troop Type Weak/Strong
Infantry Weak
Tactical Very Strong
Armored Vehicle Weak
Artillery Weak

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Original Requirements

An overview of all buildings and research necessary to unlock Plasma Barrier. These are the original requirements, not taking into consideration any research and building already done.

If you login and update your game profile you will in addition see the remaining requirements to unlock Plasma Barrier at the bottom of this page.

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