Title Review Date Video Rating Summary
Mahjong Nov 24, 2020 Yes 7 This classic game feels a bit outdated compared to newer tile matching games.
Mahjong Crimes: Mahjong & Mystery Mar 1, 2021 Yes 9 Having the Mahjong puzzle levels combined in mystery cases makes this game stand out from the many plain Mahjong games.
Mahjong Treasure Quest Mar 1, 2021 Yes 7 The features next to the Mahjong puzzles are more of an annoyance than offering something extra.
Mahjong Heroes Mar 2, 2021 Yes 8 The getting and improving heroes to get boosts is an orginal take on Mahjong. Well executed.
Mahjong City Tours Apr 24, 2021 Yes 8 Well made Mahjong game with a nice storyline tying the levels together.

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