Title Review Date Video Rating Summary
Woodoku Nov 28, 2020 Yes 6 Conceptually nice, but too simple to be engaging for a long period of time.
SudoCube Mar 20, 2021 Yes 6 Fun simple block game, but nothing to make it standout.
BlocksSliderGame Mar 20, 2021 Yes 5 Nice concept, but the way the rows are pushed up are making it an annoying experience.
Classic Original Block Puzzle Mar 22, 2021 No 6 Simple block fitting puzzle.
Woody 99 Apr 6, 2021 Yes 6 Nice concept, but not original and too simple to stay interesting for a long time.
Block Hit Apr 6, 2021 Yes 7 Good premise, but too simple.
Block Puzzle - Brain Games May 4, 2021 No 7 Standard block fitting game.

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