Title Review Date Video Rating Summary
Match Triple 3D Mar 3, 2021 Yes 7 The concept stands out and is well done, but when a game developer decides to interrupt single levels multiple times to show ads, is it still a free game?
Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game Mar 9, 2021 Yes 7 Addictive for a short while, but soon the lack of variation and difficulty become evident.
High Rise Mar 15, 2021 Yes 9 Wow, so simple, but so well done and challenging.
Match Master 3D Apr 6, 2021 No 7 Seems almost identical to Match Tripple 3D.
Match Tiles 3D Jun 3, 2021 Yes 7 Seems like a new version of a game I previously reviewed, rather than a new game.

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