Title Review Date Video Rating Summary
EverMerge Mar 5, 2021 Yes 8 Original, well made match and merge game, but lacks focus on one target.
Chain Cube: 2048 3D Merge Game Mar 9, 2021 Yes 7 Addictive for a short while, but soon the lack of variation and difficulty become evident.
Number Bubble Shooter Mar 10, 2021 Yes 7 Nice to try to improve your own high score for a while in this simple but fun game.
High Rise Mar 15, 2021 Yes 9 Wow, so simple, but so well done and challenging.
Merge Blocks: Star Finders Mar 17, 2021 Yes 7 Game itself is fun, but the ads make it hard to determine if this is worth spending on.
X2 Blocks - Merge Numbers 2048 Mar 23, 2021 Yes 7 Simple merge numbered blocks game.
Merge Gardens Apr 5, 2021 Yes 7 This mix of two different games looks great, but just doesn't work for me.
Number Tiles Apr 27, 2021 Yes 7 Good, but I have seen it before.
Merge Villa May 17, 2021 Yes 7 Well done, but just too simple.
Merge Wood Jun 6, 2021 Yes 7 Better done than other games with same concept.
Miss Merge: Mystery Story Jun 8, 2021 Yes 6 Not one of the best Merge games I have seen.
Dice Merge! Puzzle Master Jun 13, 2021 Yes 7 Well done dice merge game.

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