Title Review Date Video Rating Summary
Killer Sudoku Mar 10, 2021 Yes 8 Great game for Sudoku lovers.
Water Sort Puzzle Mar 10, 2021 Yes 7 Fun to play for a while, but unlikely to hold anyone's interest for a long time.
Water Connect Puzzle Mar 12, 2021 Yes 7 Fun logic puzzle but a bit too simple.
Parking Jam 3D Mar 12, 2021 Yes 6 Fun idea, but way too simple.
Ball Sort Puzzle Apr 6, 2021 Yes 7 Fun to play for a while, but basically identical to water sort puzzle from same maker.
Picture Cross Apr 29, 2021 Yes 8 Great nonogram puzzle game.
Tangle Master 3D May 4, 2021 Yes 8 Well done rope puzzle game.
CRIMO May 13, 2021 No 8 The crime story line makes this Nonogram puzzle game great.
Color Roll 3D May 13, 2021 Yes 6 Nice concept, but too simple
Nonogram.com Color: Logic Game May 13, 2021 Yes 7 Nice game, but the multiple colors actually make the puzzles easier.
Sort It 3D May 13, 2021 Yes 6 Not original color sorting puzzles, and too simple.
KAMI 2 May 29, 2021 Yes 8 Well done and challenging logic puzzle.
Tap Away Jun 13, 2021 Yes 7 Original, but too simple.

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