All information relating to the boost type Troop Health in Rise of Kingdoms including what research projects increase Troop Health and what the best gear is for Troop Health.
Name Troop Health
Type Percentage
Category Max Boost
Research Projects 40.0%
Commander Talent Tree 28.0%
VIP Levels 5.0%
Buildings 2.0%
Buildings 4.0%
Total 79.0%

Research Projects Giving Troop Health Boost

Research Project Research Category Total Boost
Herbal Medicine Military 15.0%
Medical Corps Military 25.0%

Max VIP Levels Giving Troop Health Boost

VIP Level Total Boost
VIP 13 5.0%

Buildings Giving Troop Health Boost

Building Total Boost
Archery Range 2.0%
Hospital 1.0%

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