The Capital Clash is an event where the top alliances can face off against eachother for the leadership of the State. There are however also ways to participate as a smaller players or alliance, which can get you very valuable rewards.

State of Survival Capital Clash

05/02/2020 - -

Scoring some points during capital clash with a raid.

How Does It Work?

Every two weeks on Saturday the Capital Clash event is activated. This is a 24 hour event which allows all players in a state to compete for the Capital, a building at the center of the State. The goal for an alliance is to hold the Capital for 8 consecutive hours. If none of the alliances are able to hold the capital for 8 consecutive hours, the alliance that has held on to the Capital for the longest time is the winner. As soon as one alliance holds the Capital for 8 consecutive hours the event is over.

Capital and Towers

You can access the Capital building on the map by going to the State map, or via the Event Center Capital Clash. The Capital building is surrounded by 4 towers. If the towers are occupied by another alliance than the one that hold the Capital, the towers will send flashes at regular time interval that kill some of the troops in the Capital.

This is why ideally the winning alliance holds all buildings, and it is still damaging if a partner alliance is holding towers while you are in the Capital.

Wounded Troops

When fighting in the towers or Capital troops get wounded. Only if your hospital capacity is full will troops die.


You will get points for occupying the Capital and for killing troops. These points will get you point rewards, and after the event is finished there are also ranking rewards based on the amount of points each participant in the event scored.

Point Rewards
Point Level Rewards
110,000 40x 5min Building Speedup, 3375x 1000 Food
220,000 40x 5min Training Speedup, 3375x 1000 Wood
320,000 40x 5min Research Speedup, 675x 1000 Metal
430,000 100x 5min Healing Speedup, 170x 1000 Gas
540,000 4x Medal Tag, 10x Bravery, Accuracy and Composure Medal Design Fragments
2,330,000 4x Medal Tag, 10x Bravery, Accuracy and Composure Medal Design Fragments
4,130,000 4x Medal Tag, 10x Bravery, Accuracy and Composure Medal Design Fragments

The ranking rewards are Medal Tags, Medal Design Fragments and Biocaps for the first 550 players.

Participating as a Small Alliance

Unless you are in the top alliances you don't have a chance to win this event. You not only need to be one of the stronger players in your state, but you will also need to be supported by one or more strong alliances. Still, you can benefit from this event. The point rewards can be achieved by anyone, and these are the only free ways to get the Medal ingredients, so very important to grab the opportunity.

Best way to get points is to relocate with a group of your alliance players close to the Capital and rally either one of the towers or the Capital building. In our kingdom we have an agreement that only towers and capital are allowed to be attacked, no players headquarters. If you don't have such an agreement in your state, you should be careful, hide troops that are not in the rally in your Blast Shelter, or perhaps start some fake rallies.

You need to make sure you have enough space in your hospital for the wounded. Better count on losing a full march. From my experience normally your losses will be split into 35% Wounded (for which you need your hospital) and 65% Lightly Wounded (which are automatically healed). This probably allows you to do a couple of rallies before your hospitals are full.

You start healing in small batches as soon as you have wounded. Depending on the amount of players that are on, you can for example heal in batches of 30-60min. Ideally you wait less than 1 minute before you got enough helps to completely heal the batch, and you start a next batch. With a large active alliance this can go very fast.

If you just can't wait and want to speed heal anyway, considering switching your talent tree to Economy first. If you take the bottom route in Economy you increase the healing speed a lot and this will safe you a lot of speedups (or makes the alliance healing go a lot faster).

This way you can take a break to focus on healing after a couple of rallies, and once everyone has enough hospital space you can rally again.


This should give you a basic understanding of the Capital Clash event and shows you how to profit from it, even if you are a small player.

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