Ray's Place is an event that takes place every 2 weeks. You can use it to exchange some biocaps (or real money) for Legendary Hero Fragments. This guide contains a basic explanation.

State of Survival Rays Place

05/27/2020 - -

Explanation of Ray's Place event, how you can use it to get some Ash fragments.

How does it work?

The event allows you to play a roulette wheel for Roulette Chips. There are 12 possible rewards, the most interesting at this moment are 1 and 5 Ash Fragments. Later this may change to another Hero.

The event lasts 3 days and every day you get a free spin.

Besides the rewards from the spins, you also get rewards based on the number of spins you have done. Those are accessible via the chest at the left top of the roulette wheel. You get 3 Ash Fragments for 5 spins, 6 for 15 spins, 12 for 35 spins, 18 for 70 spins, and 30 for 120 spins. You also get an increasing amount of legendary skill books from the chests.

Cost of Roulette Chips

For real money there are several packs available by clicking on the Buy button in the Ray's Place event. The special deals all have a maximum of one a day. I can't judge whether these are good ways to spend your money as opposed to other ways to get legendary hero fragments, as I am not a spender.

If you don't have any Roulette Chips you can also buy them with Biocaps by clicking on the 10 Spins for 9 Chips button. This costs 13,500 biocaps. You can also buy 1 for 1,500 biocaps, so indeed, the 10 spins for 9 chips gives you one chip for free.


What I do depends on the amount of Biocaps that I have. I tend to not deplete my biocaps reserves completely, so normally when this event comes along I have a fair amount of biocaps (20-40k), but nothing too excessive. If I have such an amount I tend to go for purchasing the 10 for 9 deal for 13,500 biocaps and 2 single chips for 1,500 each, costing me a total of 16,500. Together with the 3 free spins this allows me to do 15 spins during the events guaranteeing me the 3+6 Ash fragments from the first two chests. Hopefully I am lucky and I get some more fragments from the spins, or otherwise some 1 hour speedups (anything but resources please :-) )..

I am often asked whether this is a good way to spend your Biocaps. I think it is. The only other way I know how to get legendary hero fragments by spending biocaps is the value vouchers events, and the heroes available in that event are not as good as Ash.


This should give a basic idea how you can benefit from Ray's Place event. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share.

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