The new state vs state event has just gotten a beta last week and will likely roll out shortly in most states. This guide contains the information we know so far and will be updated as more info becomes available. Please add info below if you know more.

State of Survival State vs State Intro and Settlement Evolution

08/03/2020 - -

Intro of the State vs State event and getting some points during the first Settlement Evolution stage.

Basic Idea

As the name says this is an event where states face off against eachother. The ultimate goal is the capture the capital of the other state, but there is a lot of other stuff going on as well.

The event contains three stages: a 5 1/2 day preparation stage followed by a 1 day warfare stage, an concluded by a one day revival stage.

Preparation Stage

The first 5 days are a preparation stage for the warfare. This is very similar to the Survival of the Fittest event. The key difference is that there is the extra state vs state part of this preparation, which ever state scores least points during the preparation stage will have its capital up to be contested by invaders, the capital of the other state is safe. At first I thought this was a major deal, but looking at the fine print it doesn't really seem to matter that much. Whichever alliance wins the Capital, will occupy the capital in its own state while the capital in the other state remains unoccupied, so you cannot occupy both.

Find below a breakdown of the preparation stage and the points you can acquire.

Preparation Stage
Activity \ Stage I II III IV V
Consume 1 Plasma Core 2,000 2,000 2,000
Use 1 min Construction Speed up 30 30 30
Use 1 min Research Speed up 30 30 30
Use 1 min Troop Training Speed up 30 30 30
Ray's Place Spin 8,000 8,000
Use 1 Elite Hero Fragment 350 350
Use 1 Epic Hero Fragment 1220 1220
Use 1 Legendary Hero Fragment 3040 3040
Train 1 Tier 1 Troop 3
Train 1 Tier 2 Troop 4
Train 1 Tier 3 Troop 5
Train 1 Tier 4 Troop 8
Train 1 Tier 5 Troop 12
Train 1 Tier 6 Troop 18
Train 1 Tier 7 Troop 25
Train 1 Tier 8 Troop 35
Train 1 Tier 9 Troop 45
Train 1 Tier 10 Troop 60
Increase Highest Badge Score by 1 70
Use 1 Hero Gear Part 100
Use 1 Hero Gear Design 900
Increase Highest Chief Gear Score by 1 36

Note that the first four stages last one day. The last day lasts longer, until 10 am the next day.

Preparation Stage Tactics

The way it seems is that this event will be alternated with Alliance Throwdown, which make it harder to save up speed ups, hero upgrade items, medals, chief gear materials to do well in both. You might have to make some choices what to focus on.

There is a lot of overlap in the various stages, for example construction/research/training speed ups and plasma cores get points during stage I, II, and V, while upgrading heroes gives points in stages II and IV. Think about how you want to spend your speed ups and hero fragments, e.g. get all point rewards in every stage, or do well on ranking in one stage.

As with Survival of the Fittest training speedups are better used during the Troop Power Up stage (stage 3) where you get points per trained troop and not during the stages where you get points for spending speedups.

If you have saved up some biocaps to do spins for Ray's Place the second stage is the time to do it. Ray's place can be a great way to get some of the more rare hero fragments (like Zach at the moment). Upgrading Heroes also good to do during the second (or fourth) stage, but not all might be able to do so, either because heroes are already maxed or due to a lack of fragments.

You will really benefit from having a large active state during the preparation stage. In some states you will see that there are only one or a few alliances that bully everyone and have caused a lot of players to quit the state, they are in for a hard time, as it will become difficult to win the preparation without a large active state.

Warfare Stage

The goal of the warfare stage is to occupy the capital in the state that lost the preparation stage. The state succeeding in doing so (same rules as in Capital Clash) will win.

Besides that you get points for killing and heavily wounding troops. More points for higher tier troops, and tripple the points for troops in Capital and Towers. You do not get any points for killing troops of players when the HQ level difference is greater than 3.

The warfare stage starts at 11am server time.


There are quite some different rewards for this event, I'll try to break it down here.

Each stage has solo point rewards, these are similar to Survival of the Fittest, e.g. resources, speedups, biocaps. There is one extra thing for reaching the highest point target, which is a Warfare Signet. More about those below.

You also get rewards for alliance points during each stage, but these are less interesting in my eyes. No biocaps, the highest point target contains two purple hero fragments and two advanced search maps, to get an idea.

There are also solo and alliance leaderboard rewards during each stage. The rewards for those are some biocaps and speedups.

There are also solo and alliance leaderboard rewards for the combined preparation stage. These are similar to the survival of the fittest combined rewards, so contain Jarrett hero fragments, biocaps and speedups.

There are also victory and defeat rewards for the combined preparation stage, the winner gets 1000 biocaps, 2 alliance relocations and 4 march speed ups.

The warfare stage also gives point rewards, victory rewards, and solo and alliance leaderboard rewards. The solo leaderboard rewards contain Jarrett fragments.

Getting back to the Signet rewards, you can get a total of 6 for achieving the 3rd point target in all 5 preparation stages and the warfare stage. Based on the amount of signets you have you get extra rewards at the end of the event as well. These are quite interesting, the highest rewards (the same for 5 and 6 signets) are 10 generic legendary hero fragments, 2500 Biocaps, and 100 Combat Manuals I.


This information is based on the betas of this event. I will update it with new info as it becomes available to me.

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