The VIP levels give you extra benefits. In this guide we will go through the benefits and consider whether it is worth to spend to upgrade to certain VIP levels.

State of Survival VIP

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Explaining VIP levels in State of Survival, looking at the benefits and when it is worth to upgrade.

How Does It Work?

By logging in and sometimes via rewards, you get VIP points and you can increase your VIP level. Each level has a number of benefits associated with it as well as a daily chest you can claim, which you get when you activate your VIP status. Activation can be done for certain periods via items, which can be purchased with biocaps.

Increasing VIP Points

You can increase your VIP points in various ways. One of them is that each day you get VIP points for free by just logging in. The maximum points you get is 500 per day.

I haven't paid attention very well, but sometimes I find a 100 VIP point item in my inventory. This might have been a reward for an event, or maybe from a new update announcement. Either way it is quite rare.

You can purchase 100 VIP points for 200 biocaps. VIP points are not available in the Alliance Store or VIP Store. I have seen 50 VIP for 95 biocaps in the Market Stall.

Boost Benefits per Categories

To get a better idea how you can benefit from VIP find below several categories of boosts that are available.

Combat Boosts

Starting from VIP 9 there is a Troop Defense Boost, at VIP 10 Troop Attack is added, and at VIP 11 Troop Health. At VIP 12 you get a total of 16% Troop Defense, Attack and Health.

Besides these three pure combat benefits, there are also a number of boosts that you can benefit from in combat, as well as in other areas. At VIP 7 you get an extra Troop Formations Slot (useful to make a preset for attacking), at VIP 12 you get a Quick Talent Switch (allowing you to quickly change your talent tree point assignments).

Extra combat boosts are not easy to come by in this game, having this extra Troop Defense, Attack and Health is for sure a benefit. Having an extra March Slot has in my eyes as greatest benefit you can gather with another march. The Quick Talent Switch is very useful, I currently almost daily switch back and forth between my talent trees and it is cumbersome to reset, being able to do that with one mouse click is great.

Construction Boosts

At VIP 4 you get a 10% Construction Speed boost, which changes to 20% at VIP 9. Also which each level the Instant Construction Time increases with 1 minute.

As long as you are working your way up to Headquarters 30 and tier 10 troops having an extra 10 or 20% construction speed boost is great. Not yet sure what the future holds for this game, but it seems after having unlocked tier 10 troops the construction speed will be less of an issue.

Resource Production and Storage Boosts

At VIP 3 the storage protection is increased with 200,000, after that it increases with 100,000 each level.

Resource production increases with 10% at VIP 2, 6% at VIP 3, 4% at VIP 4 and 2% each higher level.

The increase in storage protection is small, and resource production is not an important way to get resources. These boosts are far from being game changers.

Explorer Boosts

At VIP 6 the backpackcapacity while explorer is increased with 1, for higher levels it increases with 1 or 2 each level.

Nice, because ideally you want to automatically go through the explorer tasks and pick up all goodies. Without these increases you will miss out on rewards if you don't pay attention.

At VIP 10 you unlock Quick Equip. In other similar games this is very useful to quickly switch between economy gear and combat gear, but until now there is only combat gear in State of Survival, so I don't know what the use is of this talent.

Chest Goodies per Categories

When you have VIP active you can claim a daily free chest. These chests contain good items for higher level, and can be considered an important factor in increasing our VIP level and keeping VIP active.

VIP Level Chief EXP Epic Hero Badge Epic Hero Fragment Legendary Hero Badge Legendary Hero Fragment
VIP 1 200 1 1
VIP 2 400 1 2
VIP 3 700 2 3
VIP 4 1,000 2 1 4
VIP 5 2,000 3 1 5
VIP 6 3,000 3 2 6
VIP 7 4,000 5 7 1
VIP 8 5,000 5 8 1
VIP 9 6,000 6 9 2
VIP 10 7,000 6 10 2
VIP 11 8,000 7 11 3
VIP 12 10,000 7 12 6

The Epic Hero Fragments and Epic Hero Badges are nice, but also without getting them from the VIP chests you will max out your purple heroes. Chief EXP is nice, but if you need 200,000 to level up, getting for example 2,000 a day is not speeding things up that much.

The Legendary Hero Fragments are the most helpful, but you need to be at VIP 12 before it really starts to add up, and even 6 a day means it will take you 200 days to max one Legendary Hero with just the fragments from VIP.

VIP Shop

There is a VIP shop where you can buy items at a discounted rate. Higher VIP level unlocks more items in the shop. THis is another benefit of having a higher active VIP level.

Key VIP Levels

In my eyes there is not one specific key VIP level, the benefits are spread out nicely over the available levels. Some interesting levels are VIP 4, where you get the 10% Construction Speed boost, for me a reason to start having my VIP active fulltime. At VIP 7 the Legendary Hero Fragment is nice, and at VIP 8 the extra March Slot is making a difference. After that each level has a major additional benefit, such as increase in combat boosts, extra Legendary Hero Badges and the much-coveted Quick Talent Switch.

I don't know the point requirements yet to upgrade to the higher VIP levels (please share in comment if you do), so not sure whether it is worth it to spend biocaps (or real money) to upgrade.

Activating VIP

As mentioned I found it worth to keep VIP active from lvl 4 onwards, and the higher you get, the more it is worth it. The best buy is 30d VIP items for 10,000 biocaps.


I hope this gives an impression of the benefits of leveling up and activating your VIP. If you have any comments or questions, please let them know in the comment section.

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