Hero Troop Type Acquisition Grade
Ash Infantry Free Legendary
Basel Riders Paid Epic
Chef Infantry Free Epic
Ernie Infantry Free Legendary
Eva Hunters Free Epic
Ghost Riders Free Rare
Jane Riders Free Epic
Jarrett Hunters Free Legendary
Jeb Hunters Free Legendary
Lucky Hunters Paid Legendary
Maddie & Frank Riders Free Legendary
Miho Riders Free Legendary
Mike Hunters Free Epic
Nikola Infantry Free Legendary
Ray & Rolex Infantry Paid Legendary
Rusty Infantry Free Rare
Sarge Hunters Free Epic
Tony Hunters Paid Epic
Travis Riders Free Epic
Trish Riders Free Legendary
Wolfe Infantry Free Legendary
Zach Riders Paid Legendary
Zoe Hunters Free Legendary

To track your progress, see My Heroes.

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