Information on cities, towns, castles that provide important services for wayfarers in the mobile game Warhammer Quest 2 The End Times


The civilized part of the Empire of the Old World comes in the various forms of settlements such as Cities, Towns, Villages, and Watchtowers spread throughout the Empire’s landscape. These settlements offer various, very important services essential for your exploration of the realm. Some settlements offer something that the other settlements cannot provide, and as the available goods are changed periodically, it is good to do rotation visits from time to time to those settlements to see what they can provide on your present visit. In those settlements you might be able to find several services such as:

Armories, Blacksmiths, and Markets

Armories, Blacksmiths, and Markets offer services such as buying or selling weapons and armours, magical jewelleries, and skills or spells. Check periodically to see whether they have something new to offer, while selling your unused stuffs for some gold coins as well; making sure that your heroes are always equipped with the best possible equipments so they are more able to survive the dungeon explorations and finish the main quest. In the settlement site, Armories, Blacksmiths, and Markets are marked by an axe glowing with blue aura.


Taverns are the place where heroes from throughout the realm who oppose the Chaos Legion gather, it is at the taverns where you can hire new heroes you deemed necessary, or to dismiss heroes you no longer use. In the settlement site, Taverns are marked by a cup glowing with yellow aura.

Training Facility

Training facility is the place where your heroes can pay for lessons necessary to rise in their level once they accumulated enough battlefield experience points. Training heroes can be expensive, the higher the level of the hero you want to attain, the more expensive in gold coins is the lesson. Trained heroes might have one of their basic statistics increased randomly, or they might be given the ability to have one more inventory space at their disposal. When a hero finished training and rises in level, the hero has his/her injury points completely removed and health points completely restored. In the settlement site, Training Facility is marked by a cross glowing with red aura.

Main Story Key Buildings

These buildings usually hold key characters in the game which offer progression branch on the main quest. Visiting these buildings means that you are already ready for the next progression in the main quest path. There are 10 acts in the main quest, each later acts are more difficult than the earlier ones. It is wise to prepare your heroes well before progressing into the next act.

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