Basic information regarding dungeon quests rewards in the mobile game Warhammer Quest 2 The End Times


Throughout your journey exploring the realm of the Empire of the Old World, you will encounter a lot of dungeons offering a lot of quest rewards as the exploration objectives. The main reward might be in the form of common, standard weapons, armours, equipments, spells, skills, or even heroes who were trapped inside dungeons and were taken hostage by the monsters which inhabit the dungeons.

The main dungeon quest objective will be awarded only after you have completed the exploration process with at least 1 of your hero survived and was standing on 1 out of the 4 dungeon exit tiles. Warhammer Quest II Dungeon Info

Information regarding the main quest rewards on any particular dungeons is readily available when you tap the quest pins on the regional map of the Empire. You will see the description of the dungeon quest, and the picture of the main quest reward for the said dungeon. To see more detailed description of the main quest reward, you can tap the picture of the main quest reward. Warhammer Quest II Dungeon Rewards

Aside from the main dungeon quest reward, you will be given 2 other random rewards; so in total for every solved dungeon quest you will receive 3 rewards. So far, the other 2 random rewards might be in the form of bags of gold of various amount, items, a hero, or trinkets which are valued in gold.

Before you made the decision to enter a dungeon, first try to consider whether the main dungeon quest reward is well worth the risks; i.e whether you really need the quest reward, the general difficulty level of the dungeon, the majority type of monsters inhabiting the dungeon, etc. Every dungeon quest reward has a price in the market, you can sell dungeon quest rewards that you do not need in towns, cities, castles, or wherever settlements which offer trading activities.

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