Welcome to the Skill Tree Planner. You can really plan out how you want to fill your tree, save multiple sets for various purposes, and run "what if" scenarios without dealing with inputting thousands of points into the game itself (a tedious process at best!). Before you do anything, visit the Game Parameters section to input your Commander level and number of skill points available. As you can see, there are 2 functionalities in the tool, one being to set those boosts that you want to maximize the points for, the other being Fill Prerequisites.
Choose the Boosts you want, hit "Fill Selected Boosts" and the tool will automatically backfill the minimum number of points to advance down the tree, maximizing the selections you have made. If you have many points left over, add some more Skill Projects... but if you are over the limit, remove some. Depending on how the numbers fall, it may be advisable to remove some points from the maxed tiles so you end up with a 0 balance of points remaining.
Once you are happy with what you have created, transfer it to a skill tree preset in the game. This is a very tedious process, very prone to mistakes (like maxing a tile that should only have 10 points in it). Just be extra alert during the process and then enjoy the fruits of your labor and this amazing tool!

To make the most of this tool consider to Register, so that you can manage multiple Skill tree configuration, save, load, and share with others.

Or use the following links to plan your Skill tree without the possibility of saving:

Plan New Development Skill Tree Configuration

Plan New Outlaw Skill Tree Configuration

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