Best Gear for Attack Deployment Speed Boost

Gear Type Gear Quality Level 6 Boost
Attack Deployment Speed
Gear Cost [Energy] Materials
Accessories Flame Thrower Weapon Gloves 25.0% 1 110K 1 Pine Wood, 1 Rubber, 1 Stainless Steel, 1 Tin
Body Armor Flame Thrower Uniform 21.0% 1 110K 1 Copper Wire, 1 Pine Wood, 1 Silk, 1 Stainless Steel
Helmets Flame Thrower Mask 14.0% 1 110K 1 CO2 Tank, 1 Pine Wood, 1 Rubber, 1 Stainless Steel
Sidearms Flame Thrower Sidearm 35.0% 1 110K 2 Copper Wire, 1 CO2 Tank, 1 Stainless Steel
Total 145.0% 1 660K 6 Stainless Steel
5 Pine Wood
4 Rubber
3 Tin
3 Copper Wire
2 CO2 Tank
1 Silk

Note: Totals are based on three accessories.

Note: We also have an overview listing All Gear boosting the Attack Deployment Speed.

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