All information relating to the boost type Operative Attack in World War Rising including what research projects increase Operative Attack and what the best gear is for Operative Attack.
Name Operative Attack
Type Percentage
Category Max Boost
Research Projects 1.0%
Hero Skill Trees 50.0%
All Emblems 70.0%
Total 121.0%

Total standard emblem boosts are calculated based on 7 times the boost of the best 3 emblems (as far as available).

Research Projects Giving Operative Attack Boost

Research Project Research Category Total Boost
Operative Attack Combat 1.0%

Lord Skills Giving Operative Attack Boost

Lord Skill Skill Tree Total Boost
Troop Type Attack Hero Skill Tree 50.0%

All Emblems Giving Operative Attack Boost

Emblem Quality Level 6 Boost
Victorious Emblem 10.0%

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