Skill Projects

An overview of all commander skills in the Hero Skill Tree Tree in World War Rising.

Hero Attack

Max Lv. 3 Hero Attack Against Syndicate Target 3.0%

Quarry Production

Max Lv. 1 Stone Production Increase 1.0%

Infantry Attack

Max Lv. 4 Infantry Attack 4.0%

Construction Speed

Max Lv. 6 Construction Speed 7.0%

Mine Shaft Production

Max Lv. 4 Metal Production Increase 4.0%

Artillery Attack

Max Lv. 4 Artillery Attack 4.0%

Farm Production

Max Lv. 4 Food Production Increase 4.0%

Troop Training Speed

Max Lv. 1 Troop Training Speed 1.0%

Vehicle Attack

Max Lv. 5 Vehicle Attack 5.0%

Lumber Mill Production

Max Lv. 5 Wood Production Increase 5.0%

Research Speed

Max Lv. 4 Research Speed 4.0%

Troop Health

Max Lv. 4 Troop Health 4.0%

Upkeep Efficiency (T1) and (T2)

Max Lv. 1 Upkeep Efficiency (T2) 1.0%
Upkeep Efficiency (T1) 1.0%

Deployment Capacity (Com. Lv 50)

Max Lv. 1 Deployment Capacity +5,000

Rally Capacity (Com. Lv 70)

Max Lv. 1 Rally Capacity +15,000

Troop Type Armor (Com. Lv 80)

Max Lv. 1 Vehicle Armor 150.0%
Artillery Armor 150.0%
Operative Armor 150.0%
Infantry Armor 150.0%

Hero Critical Attack (Com. Lv 80)

Max Lv. 1 Hero Critical Attack 1.0%

Troop Type Attack (Com. Lv 90)

Max Lv. 1 Artillery Attack 50.0%
Vehicle Attack 50.0%
Operative Attack 50.0%
Infantry Attack 50.0%

Hero Stamina Recovery Speed (Com. Lv 90)

Max Lv. 1 Hero Stamina Recovery Speed 1.0%

Deployment Mastery (Com. Lv 100)

Max Lv. 1 Rally Capacity +25,000
Deployment Capacity +5,000
Deployments +1

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