This guide explains the importance of hitting Syndicate Targets in World War Rising, explains the different target types and the relevant research and gear.


The Region map contains many Syndicate Targets. These targets can be hit by your Hero using stamina. The hero has a stamina bar that automatically recharges over time. Each hit does damage and once the Syndicate Target health bar is reduced to 0 it is killed and it is replaced by a corresponding tile on which your troops can gather to earn some goodies. You also receive goodies for hitting and killing Syndicate Targets.

Syndicate Target Types

There are different types of Syndicate Targets. Currently the possible Syndicate Targets are Winter D7 Fokker, Syndicate Bunker Turret, P51 Mustang and Cerberus A7V, but this will likely be extended with lots more later on.

The Syndicate Targets typically have some specific gear (and materials) associated with them and focusing on a specific Syndicate Target type can improve the chances of getting certain gear, but a lot of the possible loot you get from hitting and killing Syndicate Targets are also the same for each type.

There are different levels of Syndicate Targets. The higher the level, the more stamina it costs to hit them, and the less damage you do, but the rewards are better as well.


In the Hero Research Category you will find a lot of research that will help you dealing with Syndicates. It affects all kind of properties, such as the damage you do, the chance you have a critical hit, the amount of stamina it costs to hit a syndicate target or your stamina recovery rate. There are also projects for each level of Syndicate Targets which you need to unlock before you can hit Syndicate Targets of that level.


The only gear set that you can manufacture that gives Syndicate related boosts is the Paratrooper set, and besides the almost 7000 Max Hero Stamina it is not even that impressive. I also got a premanufactured set of Heroic MG-08, Heroic Patrol Helmet, Heroic Patrol Coat and Heroic Machine Pistol (all lvl 1), not sure anymore what I got them from, might be that everyone got them, or maybe I got them from buying my first pack. Boosts are also not that great, but perhaps you can get higher grade of the same gear as well, by purchasing.


Most important is whenever you have stamina to use it to hit Syndicate Targets. You do the most damanage by building up an attack streak, so it is better to do single hits in a series compared to one max hit.

There is not a huge extra benefit from killing a Syndicate (in some similar games killing leads to all alliance members getting a gift, not in this game), so I tend to hit the highest target I can, assuming this gives the best rewards, but I haven't done any thorough analysis.

During normal game play you will receive quite some stamina items. I suggest to wait with using this until there is a Syndicate Target event, so you can get extra rewards for your stamina items, by reaching some of the point reward milestones.

Once you kill a Syndicate Target, you can gather on the related tile that spawns on the location the syndicate target was killed. This will not give you standard resources, but can provide several goodies. If you are focused on getting gear related to the Syndicate Target, this is likely the way to go, but when you are not, gathering on regular resource tiles might be a better alternative, as it can also provide you with many goodies, next to the resources.


This should provide a basic understanding of the Syndicate Targets. If you have any questions or other suggestions or information, please share in the comment field below.

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