The VIP levels give you extra benefits. In this guide we will go through the benefits and consider whether it is worth to spend to upgrade to certain VIP levels.

Spenders Only

The setup of VIP in World War Rising makes clear how much it is focused on spenders. There are huge benefits, but the only way to increase VIP levels is by spending real money. Since I am only a small spender, I don't know the details of higher VIP levels and depend on others to provide this data, so at least initially the contents in this guide will be quite limited.

Increasing VIP Points and Activate VIP Status

The only way to get VIP points is by spending money. Maybe it will be changed later on, but I have my doubts. n some other games you need to use items to keep VIP active, but in this game, it seems once you have bought a pack VIP will remain active forever.


For VIP level 1 the benefits are already quite interesting with for example a 100% resource production increase for all resources. VIP level 2 gives amongst other benefits a 100% stamina recovery increase for your hero, very valuable as it allows you to hit Syndicate targets more often. At VIP 4 you get a very important extra Deployment.

I assume there will be many very valuable boosts by leveling up your VIP, but don't have details. Some screenshots of higher level VIP levels are much appreciated if you have them.


Information is limited, but for sure a feature that helps with the distinction between (big) spenders and small/non spenders. If you have additional information about benefits and point requirements, please share.

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