All information about the research project Loot Capacity in World War Rising including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Loot Capacity Increase Hero XP Power K Power/
Description Action
1 Research Facility 2
Stone Production 2
13K Energy
4.2K Food
8.4K Metal
6.3K Stone
16K Wood
00:10:25 1.0% (inc)
1.0% (cum)
132.0 11 1.5
2 Research Facility 3 37K Energy
12K Food
23K Metal
17K Stone
43K Wood
00:25:06 2.0% (inc)
3.0% (cum)
259.0 32 1.8
3 Research Facility 5 80K Energy
25K Food
50K Metal
37K Stone
93K Wood
00:45:54 4.0% (inc)
7.0% (cum)
487.0 66 2.1
4 Research Facility 7 199K Energy
62K Food
124K Metal
93K Stone
230K Wood
01:36:10 6.0% (inc)
13.0% (cum)
1.1K 159 2.4
5 Research Facility 10 529K Energy
165K Food
329K Metal
247K Stone
611K Wood
03:42:44 6.0% (inc)
19.0% (cum)
2.9K 414 2.7
6 Research Facility 14
Stone Production 6
8.0% (inc)
27.0% (cum)
7.8K 1,091 Register to Supply Data
7 Register to Supply Data
8 Register to Supply Data
9 Register to Supply Data
10 Register to Supply Data
Total Research Facility 14
Stone Production 6
858K Energy
267K Food
534K Metal
401K Stone
992K Wood
06:40:19 27.0% 13K 1,773 6.4

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