The Basics

Select 2 or more identical cubes to remove them. Removing many cubes at the same time gives you special cubes that help you clear parts of the field and reach your goals faster.

Cubes Empire Champion - Tutorial and Review

03/21/2021 - -

Tutorial and Review of the puzzle game Cubes Empire Champion.


When playing early levels was a bit afraid this game would be too easy, but now that I have reached level 50 I realize this game is surprisingly hard. For higher levels you really need to focus on getting the right special cubes to complete goals.


Regularly new features and goals are introduced, which does give this game a lot of variation.


This game looks great, a lot of detail has been spend to all graphics.

Free vs Paid

The game is fully functional for non spenders. You can spend for example on getting extra boosters that help you complete levels, coins that you can use to get extra moves, or unlimited lives for a period of time. Surprisingly I do still gets ads in between levesl, which is surprising for a game of this quality and quite a drawback.

Is It Any Good?

I give Cubes Empire Champion 7 out of 10 stars. Nice alternative for the many Swipe and Match 3 games.

Gaming Studio Ilyon
Subcategories Match 2
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Reviewed on Mar 10, 2021

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