The kingdom map contains Red Guard Camps. These Camps can be used to Rally Red Guards and start the Red Guard Raid event. This guide will focus on Rallying the Red Guard Camps.

Guns of Glory Red Guard Camps Guide

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Explanation of the Red Guard Camps, considerations to rally them, how you can select the resource you get and the levels at which the resource amount and chest level increases.

Attacking Red Guard Camps

When you select a Red Guard Camp you can Attack it. If you select Attack, you first need to select from a list of opponents, and afterwards from different times before the rally start marching. Once you set the rally you need at least one of your alliance members to join your rally before it can march, as with other rallies. Setting a rally and joining it costs 20 Stamina points.

You need to consider that you roughly need the same amount of troops in your rally as as listed for your opponent if you don't have much boosts. Having lots of combat boosts greatly reduces the amount of required troops.

By using the Hunt button in the Kingdom Map view, you can find nearby Red Guard Camps.

Different Levels and Opponents

There are Red Guard camps of each 3 levels, e.g. lvl 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, and 30. When you attack any of these Red Guard Camps you can select an opponent of a level in a range around the level of the camp. For example if you attack a level 18 Red Guard camp, you can select an opponent between levels 16 and 20.

Besides the level the opponent can also be a Cavalry, Distance or Master. The Cavalry and Distance each have a majority of that respective troop type, while a Master has a balanced army with the same amount of Cavalry and Distance Troops.


The rewards you get from defeating a Red Guard Camp consist of 3 parts, Damage Loot, Victory Loot and Bonus Loot.

The Damage Loot are 1K Food or Wood items. The amount depends on the level of the Opponent and the percentage of damage you do. Note that it is not the case that for each higher Red Guard level the loot is higher, instead there are certain jumps in loot. For camps up till lvl 12 the loot is 100k, for camps lvl 13-18 the loot is 200k, for camps lvl 19-24 300k and above 400k.

The Victory Loot are 1K Food items (the amount is the level of the opponent) a Red Guard Chest and optionally some seasonal event specific items (Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas Map Fragments at the time of writing this guide).

The Bonus Loot consists of a Bonus Red Guard Chest if you have at least one Red Guard Key.

You can get three Red Guard Keys a day by completing the Daily Rewards. In my eyes the Rewards for Red Guard Camps including the Bonus Loot are better than the rewards for monsters, so I suggest you use stamina for Red Guard Camp rallies as long as you have the keys.

The level of the Red Guard Chest and Bonus Red Guard Chest are influenced by the level of the opponent. They change at each 5 levels. From levels 16-20 you get lvl 4 chests, levels 21-25 lvl 5 chests and levels 26-30 lvl 6 chests. Level 30 is the highest level.

The Red Guard Chests can contain Lord EXP, Airhsip EXP, Assault Components, Prophecy Stone, 1K Food, 1K Wood, Sooth Stone, 5m Speedup, Materials.

The Bonus Red Guard Chests can contain Lord EXP, Airhsip EXP, Assault Components, Underworld Keys, Steel, 60m Speedup, Materials.

The Bonus Red Guard Chests are the main way in the game to get Underworld Keys, necessary for opening the Underworld Gates, so it is important that many people in your alliance rally the Red Guards, not only for their own benefit.


If you beat all opponents in a Red Guard Camp it will disappear, this might be useful in case you want to do Red Guard Raid and you have a Red Guard Camp very close to your hive, so you give your members more time to react.

Players who want to lead Red Guard Rallies need to have a high level of their Hall of War, as this building is the main factor in determining how many troops can join a rally.

Each Red Guard Camp comes with a timer, but if the time expires after you have set a rally, everyone will get their stamina back.

If you lose a Red Guard Rally, you will get your Stamina back once your troops return to your city.

Red Guard Rallies can result in a small amount of wounded troops.


I hope this explains how to deal with Red Guard Camps. If you have questions or you want to share tips for others, please leave your remarks in the comment section.

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