Introduction to Flagships in Infinite Galaxy with some basic info on how to get them and how to improve them.

Infinite Galaxy - Flagships for Beginners

04/20/2021 - -

Introduction to Flagships in Infinite Galaxy, explaining importance and how to get blueprints to unlock and improve rank.

The Basics

Flagships play a key role in the game. Each of your fleets is led by a Flagship. The flagships themselves are an extra powerful ship in your fleet, but more important is that it provides boosts to all warships in your fleet and allows for an increase in fleet size.

Fortifying or leveling Up Flagships

There are two ways of improving your Flagships, Fortify (or leveling up) and Modify (or ranking up). Leveling Up is relatively easy. If you actively use your Flagship (for example for attacking Marauders) your Flagship slowly levels up. There are also various ways to get Flagship Data Chip items that can be assigned to a Flagship via the Fortify button.

An important benefit of leveling up is an increase of the Leadership Limit, which allows your fleet to be larger.

Modifying of Ranking Up Flagships

Ranking Up a Flagship (or Modifying) is the more difficult of the two. It requires an increasing number of Blueprints, which are hard to come by, but ranking up also gives a great benefit, it unlocks and levels up the Flagship Skills (also called Flagship Weapons). These Skills can provide very powerful benefits to the warships in your fleet.


Blueprints play a key role. You need them to build and upgrade Flagships. In this section I will discuss some ways to get blueprints.

Campaigns are an important way to get Blueprints. Both directly by clearing the boss levels, and indirectly by getting the Campaign Medals which can be used on the Campaign Shop to purchase Blueprints. Early on it is hard to beat new levels in the Campaign, but keep improving all aspects of your account and keep coming back to try higher levels and of course claim the daily rewards, it is worth it.

The Trade Center Blueprints shop is another way to purchase Blueprints. There are two different credits for this shop: Federation Advanced Credits can be used to purchase Legendary Flagship blueprints, Federation Credits can be used to purchase Epic blueprints. The Federation Advanced Credits can be adquired by completing Campaign stages, but it is just a little. The Federation Credits are a bit easier, you can acquire them from the Campaign Simulation Center Challenge, Campaign and the Purity Protocol event (hasn't been unlocked for me yet). Make sure you run the Campaign Simulation Center Event daily. Unfortunately you need someone else on as well, since you can only attack it with a rally. Try to schedule a timeslot in your alliance to rally together. This shop cannnot be used to get new Flagships as you can only purchase Blueprints of Flagships you have already built.

Pay attention to personal and alliance events. You should do that anyway, but sometimes there might by Flagship related rewards as well (e.g. Flagship Blueprint Chests). Also when you start your account you get the Starfield Pioneer event that allows you to unlock the Jason flagship.

By completing your Daily Missions you get a Legendary Secret Prototype Device. Opening this gives a random reward, which could be flagship blueprints. Completing your Daily Missions is relatively easy, for sure something you should do. You can also purchase a Legendary Secret Prototype Device from the general shop in the Trade Center for 1500 Khorium. I find this too expensive for a random reward.

By claiming the daily chests at certain VIP levels you will also get some Flagship Blueprints.

I got some Flagship Blueprints early on and I am not sure anymore where I got all of them from. I doubt all came from the Campaign, likely some came from the Chapter progress or the Events, so make sure you keep working on those as well. If not for Flagship Blueprints there is plenty of other interesting rewards as well.

Finally there is of course the possibility to spend money on Flagships. This might not be a bad way of spending money on the game, as a good flagship early on can give a real boost to your fleet. Do keep in mind that the cheap bundles typically do not contain sufficient (50) Blueprints to build a Flagship. Also purchasing the Blueprints for a Legendary (yellow) Flagship might seem nice, but getting the Blueprints to rank them up is typically more expensive than for Epic Flagships, so if you are a low spender, getting a Legendary Flagship might not be the way to go.

What Flagship to Focus on?

At this moment I am stil very early on in my game and using two Flagships, Hercules for battle and Jason for Gathering. I got both of them in the first week of play for free. Initially I was thinking about holding out on improving these because I felt it was better to wait until I got something better, but I now realize how important it is to improve your fleet to do better in Campaign, so you can better improve your main battle Flagship as much as you can. Do consider when you unlock a new Flagship to make the switch to focus on that one. From what I have heard Brontes and Orion are two good allround Flagships for combat purpose, so once you unlock either of those, make the switch.

Flagships are not only for combat, but can also support gathering. The Jason Flagship you get early on is a good example, but also later on Peleus and Argo have gathering boosts (e.g. increase troop load, gathering rate, or planet gathering output). Having multiple flagships for gathering purpose is not a bad thing at all, you are going to need lots of resources throughout this game, so ideally you have as much gathering flagships as you have fleet expidition queues.

I have left the Legendary Flagships out of this beginner's guide, will discuss those in a later guide.

Captain and Flagship Gear

I won't go into to much detail on Captain and Flagship Gear in this Flagship Beginners Guide, but it is good to realize these are further ways to let your fleet benefit from your Flagship.

A captain provides direct benefit to the Flagship (including a boost in leadership limit), but also can provide powerful boosts to the warships in the fleet via the Captain Skill. I plan to get into more details when I write a guide on the Crew.

Flagship Gear can provide many powerful boosts to the warships in the fleet. Ranking up a Flagship has as additional benefit that new Gear slots are unlocked. I plan to write a separate guide on Flagship Gear.

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