Boost Types
Add Shipbuilding Queue All Resource Gather Speed Up Allies Garrisons Leadership Limit Battle Loss Conversion
Core Skill Points Cruiser Armor Cruiser Attack Cruiser HP
Cruiser Shield Defense HP Boost Destroyer Armor Destroyer Attack
Destroyer HP Destroyer Shield Deuterium Gather Speed Energy Recovery
Expedition Queue Flagship Armor Flagship Attack Flagship HP
Flagship Repair Speed Flagship Shield Fleet Leadership Limit Fleet Leadership Limit Increase
Fleet Vision Boost Frigate Armor Frigate Attack Frigate HP
Frigate Shield Help Times Load Boost Marauder Flagship XP Profits
Max Flagship Level Max Fortify Lvl of Flagship Gear Navigation Speed Nickel Steel Gather Speed
Planet Deuterium Output Planet Deuterium Output Boost Planet Nickel Steel Output Planet Nickel Steel Output Boost
Planet Plasma Output Planet Plasma Output Boost Planet Titanium Steel Output Planet Titanium Steel Output Boost
Plasma Gather Speed Protect Deuterium Limit Protect Nickel Steel Limit Protect Plasma Limit
Protect Titanium Steel Limit Rally Warship Leadership Limit Repair Cost Reduction Repair Speed
Research Speed Scout Queue Scout Ship Speed Increase Ship Need Repair Limit
Ship Need Repair Limit Increase Spaceport Construction Speed Spaceport Defense Boost Spaceport Defense Cannon Armor and Shield
Spaceport Defense Cannon Attack Spaceport Defense Cannon HP Spaceport Defense Platforms Spaceport Shield Energy Limit
Spaceship Building Queue Leadership Limit Storage Center Capacity Increase Tactical Training Base Times Titanium Steel Gather Speed
Total Warship Armor Total Warship Attack Total Warship Shield Warship Attack with Neutral Units
Warship Build Speed Warship Final Damage Boost Warship HP

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