There is a regular Galaxy Star Event that you can focus on to get rewards. This guide deals with information relevant for doing well in the Gather Stage of the Galaxy Star Event.

Infinite Galaxy - Galaxy Star - Gathering

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Starfield Star Gathering stage explanation and tips.

How to Get Points

There are two ways to gather resources, Planet Gathering or the regular gathering on asteroids, comets, etc. For both you get the same amount of points per gathered resource (2 points per 10 units of mined titanium and deuterium, 10 points per 10 units of mined Nickel Steel and 20 points per 10 units of mined Plasma).

Planet Gathering can be activated via the Planet Platform in the radar menu in a star platform (occupied by your alliance) or via the Alliance Territory menu, and the regular gathering can be started from the radar menu.

Increasing the Gathering Speed

In the Resources tree in the Research Center there are various research projects that increase the gathering speed for each type of resource. There are projects that increase the regular gathering speed, but also projects that increase the planet gathering rate (both absolute and a percentage).

In the Development tree in the Core Modules there are boosts for gathering per resource type as well, also for regular and planet gathering.

There are several flagships that are specialized for gathering, such as Jason, Peleus and Argo. They typically have skills that increase the regular gathering and/or planet gathering.

There are also crew members that provide regular or planet gathering boosts when assigned. I use Trek Wagner, Brown Schwimmer and Brighton Kuzma as my spaceport crew and Amagi Misato as captain. I recently got Rebecca Arson Harmony who I plan to use as a captain as well.

Besides the direct boosts from the spaceport crew, you can get additional boosts from the Logistics tree in the Spaceport Fortify Plan. The Titanium and Deuterium Planet Output boost in the second row are the first interesting projects, lower rows contain more projects with gathering boosts.

There are also gathering boost items, note that these only take effect on the regular gathering.

Increasing your VIP level also gives you extra boosts for regular and planet gathering.

Expedition Queue

How many fleets you can send out gathering at the same time also influences greatly how much you can gather. The first 3 are easy, after that you can research another in the Military research tree (Art of Spaceship Dispatch III) once you have upgraded your research center to lvl 23, and another one once you reach VIP 14.

Load: Load Boost and Warship Type

Each warship has a basic Load, which can be further increased in various ways (research, crew, flagship skills etc).

I want to share two considerations for troop load:

The tier 2 destroyers have a large troop load and are cheap to build, I have equipped my gathering fleets with t2 destroyers mostly so that if these are hit they are cheap to repair.

For the tip I share below it is important to have enough load to use up all your planet gathering energy on the resource you get best output on with your available expedition queues. Fleet size helps with that as well, later on this won't be an issue at all, but early on it will help to have a good troop load to achieve this.


By far most of the points you will score on this event will be from planet gathering. You have a limited amount of planet gathering energy each day, so you have to make the most of the planet gathering energy you get. You can do this by saving up the planet gathering energy the day before until the end of the day. At the end of the day send all your fleets out to do planet gathering using up your full planet gathering energy making sure they are only finished gathering after the gather stage has started. This will allow you to use double the amount of planet gathering most of the others do, giving you a great advantage.

The annoying thing is that you do not know when the gathering stage will be. I have seen it as 2nd or 4th stage of the event, and as far as I know they could just as well be 1st or 3rd stage. So it means doing this trick of saving up planet gathering energy each day until the gathering stage comes along.

Another tip has got to do with the preparation. Looking at research you can achieve more by having some focus. If you for example decide to do Titanium Steel for planet gathering, it is best to boost that to the max, and for the other resources focus on boosting regular gathering.

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