All information about the building Dragon Altar in King of Avalon including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.

Only R4 members and higher have the authority to request the Priestess to Cast a Spell. Spells can help your Alliance with Development as well as Attack and Defense. They can strike a specific target, an entire Alliance, or a designated area depending on the Spell. The Priestess requires Elixir in order to Cast the Spells. Alliance members can make offerings of Elixir at the Dragon Alter. Elixir can also be used to increase the Spell Power of certain Spells in the period before they are Cast. The Elixir is obtained by battling Portal Monsters. Donations to Dragon Magic in Alliance Tech can unlock more powerful spells and higher level Dragon Magic!

Name Dragon Altar
Alliance Building Yes
Unlock at Alliance Level 10

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