King of Avalon Weekly Growth Targets Part 31
December 8, 2018

Setting and evaluating weekly growth targets, part 31. Leveling up King Arthurs Soul and Elaine of Garlor. Focus on resource buildings while collecting resources and badges, Storehouse and Forge 30 done. Prestige Levels University to 30, Forge to 30, Storehouse to 30, Dragon Altar to 20, Hall of War next. Economy and Combat research not costing much silver, saving up resources for sh 33. Enhancing Deathseeker with Dragon Essence and steel from Goods Exchange, so far 2 +4, rest +3. Focus on getting all Basic Soul Gemstones, and getting them to lvl 6. From Spire Loot Noble Badges, Basic Soul Gemstone Frags, Dragon EXP. With Dragon focus mainly on getting Dragon to higher EXP levels and Enhance skills to level 5. Improving Emblems, Prestige Statues from Undead Trader. Focus on doing Demonic Siege including farm accounts to get ingredients for blue tomes.

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