In version 3.8.0 of King of Avalon it was extended with the new Alliance Conquest event. This guide provides a basic explanation.

King of Avalon Alliance Conquest

12/21/2017 - -

Explanation of the Alliance Conquest, rules for registering, usage of the Kingdom Hospital, Rewards.


It seems this event is held every two weeks and five days before it starts the r5 of an alliance can register the allliance to participate in the Event Center.

An alliance can only register if they are in the top 10 of their kingdom, be above alliance XP level 10, above 50m in power, and have at least 30 active members in the past 7 days.


From the alliances that participate your alliance will be matched up with alliances from other kingdoms similar in power. We participated once so far and were matched up with 6 other alliances, not sure whether the amount of alliances in one group is always the same.


When the event starts you can teleport for free to any of the kingdoms of the alliances your alliance is matched up with.

You do require a teleport to move within the kingdom.

You can only attack your target alliance.

In general troops lost during battles will end up in the Kingdom Hospital, with the exception of troops lost while attacking or defending alliance buildings.

Troops in the Kingdom Hospital can be healed without using resources, either wait a reduced time, or pay a relatively small gold amount.

Initially traps were part of the combat and could be destroyed, but after the first round there was an update and now traps no longer cause damage and are no longer destroyed.

You cannot loot anyone's resources.

Via the Alliance Conquest interface in the Event Center you can pay gold to track opponents on the kingdom map.

When selecting Home when in another kingdom you will teleport back to your original position in your own kingdom, if this is still available.

During an Alliance Conquest alliances cannot accept new members, and members that leave the alliance remain to be targets for the remainder of the event.


The goal is to score as much points as possible. The exact points are not known to me, but the higher the tier level, the more points you get.

The Alliance will get rewards based on the ranking, which can be distributed to individual players by the r5 (and will be received via mail).

Players can get rewards by reaching certain point milestones. These milestones can be seen, and rewards can be claimed, via the Alliance Conquest interface in the Event Center. There is a Conquest Rewards button at the left top.


I like this new event, it gives a possibility to get experience with combat, alliance vs alliance, without the risk of losing all your troops. You need to show some self control though to not keep healing your troops again and again.

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