Hero Grade Type
Accolon of Gaul Epic High Constable
Aurelius Pendragon Gold High Steward
Bors the Elder Gold Master of War
Brutus Gold Master of Arms
Caradoc Regular Master of Arms
Dindrane Gold Keeper of the Seal
Elaine of Garlot Epic Master of Strategy
Elyan the White Epic Keeper of the Seal
Eulji Mundeok Epic Master of War
Evaine the Bestower Gold Master Herald
Gorlois Gold Master of War
Hellawes Epic Master Herald
Hua Mulan Epic High Constable
Igraine the Peerless Gold Keeper of the Seal
Iseult the Fair Epic High Steward
King Anguish Gold Master of War
King Arthur's Soul Gold Master Enforcer
Lady Cerys Rare Keeper of the Seal
Lady Isobel Rare Master of Strategy
Lady Rhona Regular Master Herald
Lancelot Gold Master Enforcer
Lord of the Caribou Gold Master of Arms
Maleagant Regular Master of Strategy
Morgause Epic Master Herald
Morien, Son of Aglovale Gold High Constable
Oberon, Lord of Shadow Gold Master of Strategy
Prince Claudin Regular High Constable
Sanada Yukumura Epic Master of Strategy
Sebile Epic Keeper of the Seal
Sir Agravain Epic Master of Arms
Sir Balan Rare High Steward
Sir Balin Epic Master Enforcer
Sir Baudwin Epic Master of War
Sir Bedivere Epic Master Enforcer
Sir Brunor Regular Master of War
Sir Colgrevance Regular Master Enforcer
Sir Dinadan Regular Keeper of the Seal
Sir Ector Regular High Steward
Sir Gaheris Rare Master Herald
Sir Gareth Epic High Constable
Sir Gawain Epic Master of Strategy
Sir Griflet Rare Master Enforcer
Sir Kay Epic Keeper of the Seal
Sir Lamorak Epic Master of Arms
Sir Lionel Epic Master of War
Sir Pelleas Rare High Constable
Sir Pellinore Rare Master of War
Sir Safir Rare Master of Arms
Sir Tor Epic Master of War
The Red Knight Gold Master of Arms
Tristan Epic High Constable
Uther Gold Master Enforcer
Vortimer Rare Master of Arms

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