Inside the Walls in your City there are a variety of Buildings you can build and upgrade. In this guide we will explain the function of the Stronghold, University, Storehouse, Wishing Well and Trading Post.

King of Avalon City Buildings Guide Part I

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Explanation of the Stronghold, University, Storehouse, Trading Post and Wishing Well.


Your Stronghold is the key building in your city, indicating its level. You always need to upgrade the Stronghold first before you can upgrade any other building. Increasing your Stronghold results in an increase in your March Capacity. This is a very important boost, mainly for Attack, as it allows you to solo attack or fill rallies with more troops, but it is also handy for attacking monsters, gathering, reinforcing. Note that there are also 4 March Capacity research projects in the Combat research category, three March Capacity talent projects in the War Talent tree, and the March of Fury dragon skill that increase the March Capacity.

The Stronghold has two menus. City Stats allows you to inspect the production of all resources, including the boosts split out per category (from VIP, Research, Talent Points, Items, Equipment and Fortress). City Buffs shows you a list of your active Buffs or Boosts, and allows you to activate those as well.

There is a special ranking for Stronghold Level, and some alliances will also require a minimum stronghold level before you are allowed to join.

The Stronghold is the most expensive upgrade.


The University is another very important building. Here you can start research projects that will provide boosts for all different aspects of your gameplay. Upgrading the University does not provide any boosts, but each research project level does have a minimum University level requirement, so upgrading the University is important to unlock new research project levels.

The Development research category mostly has projects relating to developing your account, such as an increase in construction, research and training speed.

The Economy research category provides various research projects that give boosts for the production rate and gathering speed for each of the four resources.

The Combat research category contains projects providing all kind of Combat boosts, including the important increase in March Slots and March Capacity.

The Defense research category allows you to increase the strength of your Traps and the amount of Traps you can build.

The Dragon Spirit research category contains project that allow you to improve your performance in the Labyrinth.

Note there are research projects (personal and alliance), talent projects and gear that increase the research speed.

Researching is part of your Daily Rewards.


The Storehouse protects part of your resources. In case you are attacked any resource below the Storehouse limits will not be taken by the attacker. Unfortunately as your city grows the requirements for building upgrades and research projects grow faster than your storehouse limits, so this building is especially useful early on in the game, at a later stage it will only protect a small part of the resources you require.

Upgrading the Storehouse increases the amount of resources that are protected. This is done in the normal ratios, so the amount of Iron protected is always the amount of Food/Wood divided by 5, and the amount of Silver protected is the amount of Food/Wood divided by 20. Note there is a Storage research project in the Development category that increases the Storage capacity with an absolute amount, and Alliance research projects, talent projects and gear that increases the storage capacity with a percentage.

Wishing Well

The Wishing Well allows you to make free wishes for any of the four resources every day. The amount of free wishes and the base resource per wish increase with the level of your Wishing Well.

The ratio between the amount is again that the Iron amount is the Food/Wood amount divided by 5 and the Silver amount is the Food/Wood amount divided by 20.

The amount of resources per wish increase with each wish you do of that resource, but reset the next day.

Once your Free Wishes are finished, it is possible to use either gold to do more wishes or use Wishing Gems to make more free wishes.

Note that in the Market Place there sometimes is an offer to purchase a Wishing Gem for resources. The resources are less than you get with a free wish, so this is a good deal.

You can gain up to 20 points for your Daily Rewards by doing Wishes.

Trading Post

The Trading Post allows you to make Trades with others for resources. This means alliance members can give resources to you and you can give resources to alliance members. The higher your Trading Post level the larger your Trading Capacity and the less Trade Fee you have to pay.

Note that there is gear that decreases the Trade Tax, and gear that increases the Trade Capacity.

The Trading Post contains a Trade Requests menu that gives an overview of all current requests for trades from your alliance members. It also allows you to request one of the resources. If you do so this will be announced in the alliance chat and the request will stay active for 1 day.

You need to upgrade your Embassy first before you can upgrade your Trading Post.

Doing a Trade is part of your Daily Rewards.


I hope this gives you some idea of the function and importance of the Stronghold, University, Storehouse, Wishing Well and Trading Post. If you have any questions or tips, please share them in the comments.

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