At the end of June 2017 there is an Independence Day (Lucky) Draw that allows you to get some free goodies.

How it Works

Next to the icon for the sales at the right top of the screen, there is a new icon for the Lucky Draw. When you click on it, there are three Steps to select possible prizes and afterwards you can make draws from the prizes. This works in a similar way as the Tarot Reading, and the same as the New Year Draw, Carnival Draw and May Day Draw. However the first lucky draw already costs 7 Party Poppers, the second 12 Party Poppers and afterwards it costs an increasing amount of Party Poppers to make more selections. These Party Poppers can be acquired by completing the Daily Rewards (2 Party Poppers per day) to a certain level (do not forget to claim them each day) and by topping up a minimum of 1000 gold in the gold store (5 Party Poppers).

Steps and Possible Prizes

You have to pick 4 prizes from Step 1. The prizes are 300 Gold, a Refinining Rune, 15 Dragon Scales, 5 Noble Keys, 20 Intensity Crystals (I), 2 Dragon Spirit Material Chests, a Thunder Rune (I), an Earth Rune (I), and a Moonlight Rune (I).

You have to pick 3 prizes from Step 2. The prizes are 15 25,000 Dragon Spirit EXP, 125 Small Material Chests, 4 Orange Scroll Fragments, 200 Summoning Horns, 25 Dragon Pendants, 20 Gemstone Chests, 10,000 Gold, 2 Intensity Crystal (IV).

You have to pick 2 prizes from Step 3. The prizes are 30 Noble Badges, 60 Advanced Skill Fragment Chests, 10 Hellawes Fragments, 10 Sir Lionel Fragments, 2 Dragon Tamer Greaves Scroll Fragments, 4 Dragon Tamer Ring Scroll Fragments, 3 Dragon Tamer Battle Axe Fragments.

Best Prizes

It is difficult to say what the best prizes are. Not all of them have a direct monetary value, as you cannot purchase them with gold. I went for Runes and Gold from Step 1, Gold, Dragon Spirit EXP and Material Chests from step 2, and Hero Fragments from step 3.

Confirm Pick

Once you selected the prizes you can Confirm your pick (if you don't, all will be reset the next time you enter the Independence Day Draw). Once you have done that you cannot change.


The prizes are nice, but you need to spend to get more than one prize. Like with other seemingly random things in the game, they are not very random at all. I expect it is impossible to get the top prizes in your first draw.

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