In August 2017, in the 3.5 Update, King of Avalon was extended with Prestige Levels. This guide explains how the prestige levels work.

King of Avalon Tips on Getting Prestige Banners

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Explanation of the new Building Prestige Levels that was released in update 3.5. Includes tips on how to get the required Prestige Banners.

The Basics

During game play you will receive Prestige Banners, which you can use to upgrade the Prestige Levels of Urban Buildings. Increasing the Prestige Level will provide combat boosts.

Prestige Banners

Prestige Banners can be acquired via Gathering Resources on the kingdom map, defeating Portal Monsters, defending against Fallen Knight, gathering fossils in the FIre Lands, and from specific packages.

For gathering resources I got one Prestige Banner each time I depleted a lvl 6 and 7 tile. Not sure whether you will always get one. I understand from alliance mates that lower level tiles also can give Prestige Banners, but not 100% of the time.

For the Portal event, I got 20 Prestige Banners from the Victory Rewards and 30 Prestige Banners from ranking 2nd and 24 from ranking 3rd in the Damage Ranking. I understand you get 40 Prestige Banners from ranking 1st in the Damage Ranking. We beat a lvl 18 Portal Monster. Both rewards might depend on the level of Portal monster, not sure yet.

For Fallen Knights I got 70 Prestige Banners from the standard rewards (I got 394,800 points, my alliance 28,962,646), I did not get any from Fallen Knight Ranking Rewards (we ranked 3rd).

By participating in the Firelands, via the recently released Fossil Rewards, you can get 200 Prestige Banners. To achieve this you need to reach 30,000 Fossils, which might be tough for smaller players, but I believe all players should be able to reach 15,000 Fossils, which still gives you a total of 140 Prestige Banners.

Update: Prestige banners can now be acquired in various other ways, including purchasing them in the Spirit Altar Store and Magic Spire Store. They are also given as reward for the Alliance Celebration in the Spirit Altar if the Wanderer Spirit is selected.

Prestige Levels

Prestige levels can only be upgraded once a building reaches level 15 and the maximum prestige level is the same as the maximum level of the building. Only the urban buildings have prestige levels.

The amount of Prestige Banners to upgrade a building level increase with higher levels (although not with each level). These requirements are not the same for all buildings, for example to upgrade to prestige level 1 most buildings require 1 Prestige Banner, but some require 2 and one does not require any.


Each building has its own boosts. I have extended the details page of each building with their prestige boosts. All boosts are related to combat. The buildings to train troops have boosts that complement their troop type.

The value of the boost increases are the same for the first 5 levels and increase with 50% for level 6. I will update more information once i know more.

How to upgrade Prestige Level?

When clicking on any of the urban buildings there is a new Prestige Level menu. Via this menu you can upgrade a building to the next prestige level.

Tactics for Assigning Prestige Banners

I have changed my opinion of this based on my further understanding of the combat mechanics of this game, and based on the fact that Attack, Defense, and Health boosts can now quite easily be increased via Gemstones. Because of the importance of Damage and Damage Reduction buffs I suggest to focus on the buildings that provide these first, and have less focus on the once that provice Attack, Defense, and Health.

Since the required prestige banners to increase one level increase quite fast, I suggest to do pay some focus on so-called low-hanging fruits, and for example upgrade the prestige levels of all buildings to 15 before you start to further focus on the ones that give Damage and Damage Reduction boosts only.


It is an interesting extension to have some extra boosts. I personally find it a bit of a pity that the boosts are only related to combat, it would be interesting they were more diverse like the hero boosts.

Even more so when this feature was introduced it is easy for non-spenders to get the prestige banners, so this is for sure a feature all players can benefit from.

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