This article provides information about troop training in King of Avalon. The focus is how to make sure it costs you least speed ups and resources, but also least time consuming. It also provides some tips about how many troop to train.

King of Avalon Troop Training Tips and Tricks

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Explanation of important boosts for troop training and how to increase them, with tips on which troops to train, and how to do daily training and speed training.

Troop Training Speed

Troop Training speed determines how fast you can train troops, a very important boost, as (just with research and construction) you typically want to be training 100% of your time (at least Bowmen, Cavalry and Infantry), and do some speed training now and then as well, so this stat greatly influences the amount of troops you can train "for free" daily and the speed ups you need during speed training sesions.

You can get a large troop training speed from your Military Tents buildings outside your city wall. These provide 0.5% per building per level. 0.5% does not sound like much, but it adds up. For example I have 1 lvl 32, 1 lvl 30, 1 lvl 26, 4 lvl 25, 3 lvl 24, which adds up to 130%. At higher levels these tend to get a bit time consuming to upgrade and also cost a fair amount of resources. At first I had fewer Military Tents, but at a certain moment I realized resource production buildings are not so important, so I built the max of 10 military tents and have kept upgrading them (currently all around lvl 36).

The research in the Development category is a relatively cheap way to get 25% (divided over 5% and 20%) Troop Training Speed. I recently realized I had only completed the second project until lvl 9, and plan to complete it to lvl 10 soon.

I don't have the Abundance or Fortune set, but if you have them complete you get a 30% Troop Training Speed boost, which can be further increased to 90% if you enhance it to lvl 5 (I assume).

The Heroes Morgause (60%), Hellawes (66%) and Evaine the Bestower (72%) provide Troop Training Speed boost. For all three it is the 5 Star boost. I have chosen to go for Morgause, because it was the easiest to get all fragments.

From the Balance Talent tree you can get 25% Troop Training Speed boost as well. One of my two talent presets is a mix of Economy and Balance, which includes the Training Speed I and II projects.

Depending on how much you are going to train it might also be worthwhile to purchase a temporary training relic, and check if you still have some temporary accolade that provides a troop training boost, sometimes you can get these as rewards of events.

Troop Training Capacity

The troop training capacity determines how many troops you can train at the same time. In my eyes you should work towards having at least a training queue so that you can start 24 hours training. Important so that you can start one troop training a day and use the Population Surge talent (discussed below, which has a 24 hour cooldown) and so that you don't have to start too many batches of training if you want to do speed training. The higher the better.

There are ways to increase the absoute amount of the training capacity, and there are ways to increase these further with a percentage.

The Military Tents are the most important way to increase your training capacity. My setup described in the previous paragraph provides a 1350 capacity (5 per building per level + 5 extra for each building).

The Heroes Lady Isobel and Sir Gawain provide a nice amount of training capacity as well. I have Lady Isobel, but not sure which one is better or easier. Lady Isobel has the training capacity as primary boost for 9 per level, Sir Gawain provides a total of 300 Training Capacity as second star boost.

The Balance talent tree contains two projects that provide a total of 500 points. In my default Talent Tree Economy/Balance setup I have only the first project (of 100) maxed, and I tend not to want to reset my tree as a higher training capacity is just a convenience for doing speed training and I consider resetting talent trees a (major) inconvenience.

A fully enhanced Orange Winged Helm of Range (30%) and Purple or Orange Stone of Providence (15%) provides an increase of the Training Capacity.

Troop Training Cost Reduction

Although Resource Cost are not the biggest issue, it is still nice to minimize the cost. My main motivation is that I want to minimize the food needed.

A fully enhanced Orange Ring of Dispel provides a 10.5% Training Cost Reduction.

The Population Surge talent provides a further 25% Resource Cost Reduction, for a limited period of 30 minutes with 24 hour cooldown.

Total Troop Composition/What Troops to Train

I will provide some considerations for what troops to focus on, besides the obvious focusing on the highest tier troops that you can train.

For PvE marches (Kingdom Threat, Portal etc) it is good to have a mix of all tiers of Infantry, Cavalry, Bowmen. You might experiment a bit how much you need and make sure you train enough. During the recent anniversary celebration there was an event where you needed to rally a monster with your alliance as fast as possible and having multiple PvE marches was really helpful. An extra reason to have many lower level Bowmen and Cavalry troops.

For PvP marches I normally use a mix of tier 11 and 10 Bowmen, Cavalry and Infantry. Having plenty of both of those is important for me because in events like Alliance Conquest and Firelands I typically can lose complete marches. For regular combat the battles are normally closer calls and you will typically lose more infantry than Cavalry and Bowmen, so for sure good to have load of Infantry.

For Defense it is good to have some buffers, so train a large amount of tier 2 and tier 4 infantry. People suggested I train 200k Infantry. If someone with a lot better stats attacks you, this would normally cause you only to take significant losses to your lower tier infantry, which are relatively cheap to retrain.

Daily Training Tips and Tricks

I try to do one 24 hour training each day. The one a day training is for a large part motivated by rhe Population Surge talent that I like to activate, which has a 24 hour cooldown. Potentially I also like to use Instant Yield talent (and wait with harvesting my resource buildings for a couple of hours before the training), and if I am short on food and have the time the Instant Gather, to minimize the food items I have to use.

If I go all out I have quite a large training capacity, so normally I don't change all equipment, because it is not necessary to have more training capacity than is required to train a 24 hour batch of the t11 or t10 troops I normally train.

Speed Training Tips and Tricks

For Speed Training it is very important you can use your Population Surge, so if you know in advance when you plan to do it, make sure you don't use the Population Surge talent in the 24 hours before.

For Speed Training it will be good to really have the Fastest Training Speed and the highest Training Capacity, so make sure you max everything. It might even be worthwhile to purchase a temporary relic for speed training.

If you want to train large amounts the half hour from the Population Surge talent might turn out to be a limiting factor. Make sure you have everything ready before you start it, including all the necessary resources. Use our troop training calculator to plan ahead.

Troop Training Calculator

In the link at the bottom of this guide and via the Tools menu you can access the Troop Training Calculator, which allows you to plan your troop training ahead so that you know the total required resources (and time).

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