The VIP levels give you extra benefits. In this guide we will go through all benefits and consider whether it is worth to spend (gold) to upgrade to certain VIP and keep VIP active.

King of Avalon VIP

05/30/2017 - -

Explanation of the VIP benefits and considerations to activate VIP.

How Does It Work?

By logging in and via items you get for various actions, you get VIP points and you can increase your VIP level. Each level has a number of benefits associated with it, which you get when you activate your VIP status. Activation can be done for certain periods via items, which can be purchased via gold.

Increasing VIP Points

You can increase your VIP points in various ways. One of them is that each day you get VIP points for free by just logging in. The maximum points you get is 500 per day.

There are many different ways by which you get small amounts of VIP points during normal game play, typically via a number of 10 VIP points items. For example as rewards of the seasonal events and as the goodies from the update mails.

You can purchase 100 VIP points for 100 gold or 10,000 Alliance Loyalty. In my eyes this was not a bad way to spend Alliance Loyalty points before the Magic Spire was introduced.

In the Magic Spire now you can purchase up to 100 x 100 VIP points a day (you might not have enough crystals to max out, but you can still purchase quite a lot), and this is in my opinion the best (cheapest) way to get VIP points fast.

Benefits per Categories

To get a better idea how you can benefit from VIP find below several categories of boosts that are available.

Combat Boosts

Starting from VIP 9 there is a Troop Attack and Defense Boost, and from level VIP 10 there is a Troop Health boost as well. These are general troop boosts, benefiting all your troop types in any battle against any type of opponents, so very useful, although the 15% max (reached at VIP 10) is not that large compared to many other ways in which you can get combat boosts.

At VIP 10 you get a Hospital Capacity increase.

Besides these three pure combat benefits, there are also a number of boosts that you can benefit from in combat, as well as in other areas. Starting from VIP 5 there is a Troop March Speed boost, at VIP 5 you also get an extra Army Formations Slot (useful to make a preset for attacking), at VIP 9 you unlock Quick Equip (allowing you to quickly switch to your combat equipment), and at VIP 12 you get a Quick Talent Switch (allowing you to quickly change your talent tree point assignments).

Economic Boosts

From VIP 1 to 10 the Instant Building Speedup time, Resource Production and Resource Storage increase.

At VIP 8 you get an extra March Slot (very useful for Resource Gathering)

Monster Boosts

Starting at VIP 2 you get a Monster March Speed boost and a Lord Stamina Recovery boost. The Lord Stamina Recovery boost is not easy to get in other ways and very valuable in my eyes, more monster kills and barbarian rallies each day give you a lot of extra resources and goodies.

Dragon Spirit Boosts

For the rest there are many Dragon Spirit Boosts, which are almost all directly related to the Forbidden Labyrinth, so as far as I can judge give no benefit for the Dragon Spirit Arena. If you are actively playing the Labyrinth you should at least have VIP 9 active for the Advanced Labyrinth plunder, while the cooldown and satchel capacity boosts, and the battle skip, room select skills are also very useful.

Magic Spire

The Quick Find Crystal Mines skill is unlocked at VIP 5 allows you to find empty crystal mines, if there are any.

Key VIP Levels

I consider VIP 8 to be THE key VIP level because of the extra March Slot. Spending in game credits (Magic Spire, or even Alliance Loyalty) to get there is in my eyes a good investment.

In addition VIP 9 (Advanced Plunder, Quick Equip) is making some facets of game play less repetitive, while it still gives overall boost increase.

VIP 10 in my eyes gets very expensive for the benefits it offers, while VIP 11 and VIP 12 only provide an increase in Satchel Capacity as improvement of the already available boosts. VIP 11 does offer nothing extra, while VIP 12 does unlock the very useful Quick Talent Switch.

Satchel Capacity is not to be underestimated, it can provide you with lots of resources from the Labyrinth, but I still find the overall benefits of the highest VIP levels underwhelming considering the high cost.

Activating VIP

There are VIP benefits at each level, so you could always consider keeping it active, but from my point of view it only starts to be really beneficial once you hit VIP 8 because of the extra March Slot. Having that extra march slot will get you a lot of extra resources via gathering each day, so it will be worth it to pay the 4000 gold to activate VIP for 30 days. You should easily get the 4000 gold in a month from the Vault and Events. Make it a priority to have enough gold for VIP activation.

All other benefits are useful as well, but I just want to emphasize one more next to the extra March Slot, which is the 22% Lord Stamina Recovery boost you get at VIP 8. This will allow you to hit several more Monsters or Barbarian Camps each day, which also gives many benefits (EXP, Materials, Resources, etc).


I hope this gives an impression of the benefits of leveling up and activating your VIP. If you have any comments or questions, please let them know in the comment section.

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