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Gemstones Guide Extended
September 13, 2018

We extended the Gemstone guide to include the Soul Gemstones, including stats, required refining points, a cost analysis and how they can be acquired.

See: Gemstones Guide for King of Avalon

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Gear Set Comparison Tool Extended
September 12, 2018

We have extended our gear set comparison tool to allow a comparison between deathseeker or ice lord and flamebringer gear set. The comparison is done based on a complete set without enhancement. It is not clear to me at this moment what the benefits are from enhancing the famebringer, both for the individual pieces and for the Smith Mark benefits.

See: Gear Set Comparison for King of Avalon

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Flamebringer Equipment Set Added
September 12, 2018

The game update 4.8.0 contains a new Equipment Set, Flamebringer. It is not clear to me yet where to place this. There is no Set Resonance boost, but new Smiths Mark boosts once you have all 6 pieces, but I have no idea yet what the benefits are. There are no damage or damage reduction boosts. That, in combination with the fact that they require a lot more rare materials makes me remain my focus on Deathseeker.

See: Flamebringer Equipment Set for King of Avalon

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Emblems Overview Extended
September 2, 2018

We just extended the information on emblems with the refining/enhancing points required and added some of the stats of inbetween levels.

See: Emblems Overview for King of Avalon

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