King of Avalon Kingdom Threat Revisited
January 27, 2018

Demo on running Kingdom Threat with both primary and secondary marches, scoring rank 27. Golem killed in 20 minutes.

King of Avalon Magic Spire
January 27, 2018

A more proper introduction to the Magic Spire, with some tips on which boosts to purchase.

King of Avalon Update 4 Valor Magic Spire
January 25, 2018

Addition information on changes in Update 4.0, including a first look at the Magic Spire, changes in the Lucky Shot, and more ways to get the new Valor Gemstone Fragments.

King of Avalon Update 4 Valor Gemstone Fragments
January 24, 2018

First impression of the changes in Update 4.0, including the new Valor Gemstone Fragments and ways to get them, and some minor changes in prices in Undead Trader and Merlin Trials shop.

King of Avalon Merlins Equipment Gemstone and Combo Trials
January 24, 2018

Some tips on how to perfom well on the Merlin Equipment, Gemstone and Combo trials.

King of Avalon Merlins Dragon Trials Path 12
January 23, 2018

Some tips on how to perfom well on the Merlin Dragon Trials and reach path 12.

King of Avalon Getting Materials for Orange Armor of Fury
January 21, 2018

How to get materials in general and specific for forging the orange Armor of Fury, illustration how to cheaply get materials by purchasing equipment from the Merchant Fair and dismantling it, making offers on the Black Market and using the Merlin Trial credits to buy rare materials.

King of Avalon Dragon Spirit Arena Top 500
January 17, 2018

Update of the development of my Dragon Spirit, including the updates Runestones, and my latest achievement in the Dragon Spirit Arena.

King of Avalon Compete without Spending
January 17, 2018

Some tips of how to possibly be able to compete without spending, a focus on the different ways to get combat boosts such as heroes, dragon, research, prestige levels.

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