All Boosts

Boost Types
Aid Chances Attribute Boost (Cavalry) Attribute Boost (Flying Unit) Attribute Boost (Infantry)
Attribute Boost (Siege Engine) Cavalry ATK Cavalry ATK Rate Cavalry DEF
Cavalry Max HP Cavalry Max Level City Defenders DEF Coalition Heroes
Defenses Energy Recovery Rate EXP from Boot Camp Finish Now In
Flying Unit ATK Flying Unit DEF Flying Unit Max HP Flying Unit Max Level
Flying Units ATK Rate Food Capacity Food Gathering Food Production
Food Production Rate Free Wishes Gold Gathering Speed Hero XP Modifier
Increase ATK Increases Boulders DMG Increases City Defenders ATK Increases Fire Arrow DMG
Increases Infirmary Size Increases Logs DMG Infantry ATK Infantry ATK Rate
Infantry DEF Infantry Max HP Infantry Max Level Lumber Capacity
Lumber Gathering Speed Lumber Production Lumber Production Rate March Troops
Max Building Level Max City HP Max Hero Level Ore Capacity
Ore Production Ore Production Rate Prisoner Capture Chance Reinforcements in Training
Rescue Rate Research Speedup Resource Production Siege Engine ATK
Siege Engine ATK Rate Siege Engine DEF Siege Engine Max HP Siege Engine Max Level
Speed Support Heroes Time Reductions Percentage Time Reductions Seconds
Trade Limit Trade Tax Training Speed Trap Capacity
Trap Construction Speed Trap Damage Trap Storage Travel Time
Travel Time Reduction Troop Capacity Troop Limit Upgrade Speed
Upgrade Speed Percentage Warehouse Food Protection Warehouse Lumber Protection Warehouse Ore Protection
Warehouse Size Increase Wishing Well Food Wishing Well Lumber Wishing Well Ore
Wounded Recovery Rate Wounded Troop Capacity

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