Kingdoms Mobile is a MMO strategy game taking place in a fantasy world with elves and dwarves. Although the focus of many things is to build a large army, and ultimately subdue enemy guilds with superior forces, there is a lot of focus on growing your own city with a very elaborate set of buildings with each their own function.


A new game starts with a tutorial. For first game players it is good to walk through this slowly as the game can get complicated because of its many different features. The tutorial does a good job of explaining the basics, but there is just too much functionality you should know to understand this game. This guide should help further.


An important step is to find a suitable Guild. Via the Guild menu you can apply to join a guild or join one of the guilds that are currently open. As with other games with guilds or alliances it is important to find a likeminded group of people. Try some others if you don't like your first. Make sure you have an active group of people. Give a guild a serious chance, but if you don't like it, do switch to another one. Find one you feel comfortable with. If you are intending to play for a long time, the social aspect is important for many people as well.

Relocator III

You can use Relocators to move your city. A Relocator II allows you to move to a random location (which also automatically happens early on in the game if you do not login for a while) and with the Relocator III you can move to a specific location. You can also purchase these, but they are not cheap, so wait until you have found a suitable guild to use the Relocator III to move to the guild's hive location.


One of the buildings in your city, inside the city walls, is your Academy. You should basically try to make sure you always have some research project active. Each research category has its own benefits, but early on you might focus more on research projects that help you grow faster rathen than ones that make you stronger. The City Defenses research category contains Arithmetic and Masony projects that make your research and building upgrade speed faster. Resources contains various projects to increase resource gathering speed and resource production. You will even at quite low levels find out resources might be an issue, so these are also good to focus on early on.

Training Troops

There are 5 buildings relevant for training troops. The Barracks are the building where you can train your reinforcements, while the Training Grounds (Infantry), Stables (Cavalry), Sky Tower (Flying Units) and Workshop (Siege Engine) influence the highest level (or tier) of the various troop types you can use. Reinforcements trained in the Barracks can be converted to the specific troop types used by your Heroes via the Hero menu. You can have multiple Barracks and they influence the amount of reinforcements you can train and the training speed.


Your armies are centered around Heroes. Each Hero has its own special skills and troops associated with it. At the Hero menu you can see how many troops there are (there is a max troops limit depending on the level of your hero), and if this is not maxed you can add extra, in which case your general reinforcements will be converted to the specific troops required for this Hero. If you do not have enough Reinforcements you should train (or heal) more first. It is important to upgrade your heroes as this will make them stronger and allow more troops. Most activities with your heroes will give XP, even just going gathering. There are bootcamps scattered around the map, and sending your heroes to these bootcamps also gives XP. Of course those heroes will not be there to defend your city, but you could consider before logging off to send your heroes to bootcamps, they stay there for 8 hours to be trained and get XP.

Upgrading Buildings

The Dragon Altar is the key building determining the level of your city. You will always have to upgrade your Dragon Altar before you can upgrade any other building. There are some other prerequisites (Infirmary requires Barracks), but not that many, most buildings can be upgraded once the Dragon Altar is upgraded. As for the order after the Dragon Altar, one building to upgrade as fast as possible is the Embassy. The embassy gives a (building) upgrade boost (note: not sure how this work, or if this works, I have checked upgrade times of other buildings before and after an Embassy level upgrade and saw no difference at all, while supposedly this boost increased by 5) and it increases the number of Alliance Helps you can receive and the time each Helps deducts from your timers. The Academy is important as it allows for new research projects (or new research project levels) to become available. Early on you might also focus on the prerequisites for the next Dragon Altar update, which seem to be Walls and one other building (different for each level), so that at the end of the day you can start the next Dragon Altar upgrade, which tend to take longer, so are a good choice to build while you are not playing.


The Walls can contain traps That are build with the Fortress building. Upgrading the Fortress unlocks more Traps. Traps can play an important role in defending your city.

Helping Guild Members with Research and Construction

You and your guild members can help each other with research and building upgrades. You can do this via a shortcut that appears on the right part of the screen in your city view. Alternatively there is an Aid option in the Guild menu. The number of Aid or Helps you can receive is determined by the Embassy level. At earlier levels this is a number of seconds, and level 11 Embassy this is 1% of the remaining timer.

Using Gold and Speed Ups

During the game there are various ways to get gold and speed ups, but they are not that easy to come by. Once your timers start to be more than just a few minutes you might get tempted to use these to speed up research, construction and troop training. My general advice is don't just use these, only use them if you can get something back by winning prizes in the active Events. Saving up some gold and speed ups is important so that it will be easier to win the prizes of those Events.


Although the might of a player has no direct meaning for your strength in combat, it is often used by players as a quick measurement of strength anyway. Typically guilds will set certain might requirements for their players which increase over time. As such it is important you get your might up as well. There are four basic categories of might, research, building, trap and troop. It is an extra reason to always have active research projects, building upgrades and troop training.


There are plenty of Monsters around on the map of different levels. You can initially only kill the level 1, but once you have killed a level 1 you are allowed to attack a level 2, once you killed a level 2 you are allowed to attack a level 3 and so on. You need to have a stronger army to kill higher level monsters. The game will warn you if your selected Heroes do not have enough might to kill a monster. Killing monsters is a good way to get some goodies (including possible Hero recruitment) and get your Heroes some XP.


You can win prizes by completing various stages of Events. You can find these events via the Event Center at the left inside your city walls. Most events center around giving points for lots of different activities such as building upgrades, research, recruitment, training and Ore gathering.

Guild Research

The leaders (Rank 4 and 5) of a Guild can do research that benefit the guild in Guild Research. Any member can (and should) help by donating the requirements. This can be done by going to one of the projects for which the requirements are not filled yet. Here you can click any of the active buttons. The buttons list what it costs to donate, what the resulting donation is and how many alliance credits you get. The cost can be Food, Lumber or Gold. The guild credits can be used to purchase items in the Guild Mall.

With each Donation you make a cool down timer is increased with 12 minutes. Once you reach 4 hours you can no longer donate until the timer reaches 0. In my experience it is best to stay just below 4 hours, which allows you to Donate again for example if you check back after 3 hours. This is more convenient as you might not always be back in exactly 4 hours, which causes you to unnecessarily miss out on Donations.

Check List of What to Do When You Log In

Most of the things in this section we already mentioned, but it might be good to have a reminder of what you should look at as a minimum when you log into the game:

  • Sign In in the Event Center to collect your daily sign in bonus
  • Click on the Aid icon (two hands) to help all guild members with research and construction
  • Collect the small goodie chest at the right side of your city view
  • Kill a few monsters until you run out of energy
  • Look at the Events, see whether you can win gold and speed ups by completing your current research, building and/or troop training, make sure you do the activity required for the event
  • Start a research
  • Start a building upgrade
  • Train reinforcements
  • Start a trap building in the Trapsmith building
  • Send out your troops to gather resources or send heroes to bootcamp to get XP
  • In the Guild Research select a project and donate to get your Guild Credits
  • Use your Free Wishes in the Wishing Well
  • Go to the Tavern to use any free Recruitment possibilities
  • Read your e-mails and PMs


I hope this helps you getting started. If you have questions, or if you have other suggestions for beginners, please share in the comment section.

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