The Basics

Create a path for the lemmings from the entry to the exit of each level by letting them for example dig through walls, build stairs, and use umbrellas to break their falls from large heghts. Also make sure enough survive the journey by evading dangerous traps.

Lemmings - Tutorial and Review

03/02/2021 - -

Tutorial and Review of the puzzle game Lemmings.


It might be because I have played this game before (a very long time ago on the PC), but I find the early levels to be too simple. If the PC game is a good guidance, later levels will provide sufficient challenge.


The various game concepts that are introduced as you complete more levels allow for a large variety of challenges.


The graphics of the walking, working and dying lemmings add something extra compared to the tiles or blocks we see in most puzzle games. You will want to do extra effort to make sure every lemming survives the level.

Free vs Paid

This game can be played without spending very well. There are various ways to spend, for example activating VIP for a given time removing ads. Each time you play it costs stamina, which will automatically recharge over time. As far as I have seen you can play quite long sessions without having to spend, all functionality is there, and you are not confronted with too many ads.


There is a lot of stuff you can win or purchase (with either real money or gold coins that you can win or purchase with real money), but nothing seems crucial for the game play.

Is It Any Good?

I give Lemmings 8 out of 10 stars. This old PC game is still a rare exception between many similar puzzle games.

Gaming Studio Exient Publishing
Subcategories Maze
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Reviewed on Nov 22, 2020
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