All information about the research project Advanced Mining in March of Empires including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Might increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Iron Income Increase Lord XP Might K Might/
Description Action
1 Academy 15
Scaffolding 3
19K Wood
14K Stone
28K Food
287K Silver
1d 16:28:54 3.0% (inc)
3.0% (cum)
520.0 8,213 4.9
2 Academy 15 31K Wood
22K Stone
45K Food
454K Silver
3d 07:48:00 3.0% (inc)
6.0% (cum)
960.0 8,213 2.5
3 Academy 15 42K Wood
30K Stone
62K Food
590K Silver
6d 16:35:24 3.0% (inc)
9.0% (cum)
1.9K 8,213 1.2
4 Academy 15 50K Wood
35K Stone
73K Food
767K Silver
13d 11:11:24 3.0% (inc)
12.0% (cum)
4.5K 8,213 0.6
5 3.0% (inc)
15.0% (cum)
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Total Academy 15
Scaffolding 3
142K Wood
100K Stone
209K Food
2.10M Silver
25d 04:03:42 15.0% 7.9K 32,852 1.3

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