Advanced Troops were just introduced for all states. In this article we discuss what you need to know about Advanced Troops. Be aware that in Mobile Strike things so far seem to work different compared to Game of War, a lot of other articles might apply to Game of War or directly copy information without being aware about these crucial differences.

How Advanced Troops differ from their Regular Counterparts

The difference is the strength and weakness against certain types of troops. Regular Troops are Strong against one type and Weak against one type and Defenses. Advanced Troops are Very Strong against one type and Weak against the two other types and Defenses.

Example: Regular Infantry are Strong against Armored Vehicle, Weak against Tactical and Defenses (Wall Traps). Advanced Infantry are Very Strong against Armored Vehicle, Weak against Tactical, Infantry and Defenses.

Assuming the same logic is followed as in Game of War, which tests could point out, I might run some tests later, the Very Strong, Strong and Weak qualifications have effect on the Attack, so it affects the number of kills. It does not affect the Defense, so the number of own troops lost will be the same.

In Game of War tests pointed out that an attack with Advanced (called Strategic in Game of War) Troops caused roughly 15% more kills compared to an attack with Regular Troops, with all other conditions (attacking boosts, troop amounts, types and tiers) the same. Also here we can for now only assume this will be the same in Mobile Strike.

How and When To Use Advanced Troops

Typically you will want to have full marches of one specific type (infantry, tactical or armored vehicle) of Advanced Troops, since that allows you to have the highest boosts. Compared to attacks with Regular Troops the composition of the army you are attacking becomes even more important. Obviously you want to be Very Strong against the majority of your opponent's troops. Even with a mixed army it is better to attack with Advanced instead of Regular Troops, but in extreme cases, e.g. your opponent has 100% Infantry, you should not attack with Advanced Infantry troops, but, in order of preference, Advanced Tactical, Tactical or even Infantry instead.

How Advanced Troops in Mobile Strike are Different from Strategic Troops in Game of War

Initially there were some differences with respect to the boosts you could get for Advanced Troops and Traps compared to Regular Troops and Traps (i.e. the boosts from the Commander Skill Tree and the Troop and Trap research projects in the Commander research category did not apply to Advanced Troops and Traps). This was corrected end of June 2016 and now almost everything works the same as in Game of War, the only difference is that you need to unlock VIP Prestige 3 before the VIP combat boosts also apply to Advanced Troops.


Now that the boost issue has been corrected Advanced Troops and Traps are superior to Regular Troops and Traps.

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