Our Free to use Research Extreme Challenge Planner aims for Mobile Strike to offer a tool that makes it easier to schedule your research, especially if you plan to win Research Extreme Challenge and Kingdom vs Kingdom Events.

You can encounter various difficulties when completing Research Extreme Challenges by just using the Mobile Strike interface. A very typical one is locating the best research project upgrades to win the event without unnecessarily wasting speed ups and resources. But also not knowing before you start how much speed ups and resources you will need to win can bring you into trouble, just to name some common pitfalls.

Once you have Registered, you can easily fill in the state of your research tree at Game Parameters. Besides the research tree you can also specify the stronghold and academy level, your research boost, and whether there is an active Speed Up Usage boost in your kingdom, which will all be taken into account in the Research Inferno Planner. At Extreme Challenge Types you can specify the payout and point levels of the typical inferno events you encounter.

Our research trees are almost complete, we are only missing part of the information in the Wild Combat category and the recent March tree level 11 and 12 additions. Any information on those is much appreciated and once provided will be added promptly to our database.

*** IMPORTANT ***: You need to Login (and Register) before using the research Extreme Challenge planner.

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